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Laugh Out Loud with The Scintas

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"Laugh Out Loud with The Scintas" is an exciting new blend of entertainment from the group Las Vegas loves. It is a non-stop action-packed contemporary mix of music, comedy and impressions that will literally leave audiences exhausted from "laughing out loud."

The Scintas are made up of brothers Joe and Frank, sister Chrissi and "Irish Scinta" Peter O'Donnell. Raised in Buffalo, New York, along with brother Tony, a former police detective, their parents Joe ("Bucko"), a firefighter and Mary (known universally as "Mama Scinta") encouraged them to follow their dreams and fulfill their potential.

The Scintas' act took shape in a bar owned by former Buffalo Bill and present ESPN color commentator Paul McGuire. Frank and Joe began playing there singing songs and adding a joke or two. Soon the lines were out the door and they realized they were on to something. They brought sister Chrissi in on weekends to sing with them and the rest, as is said, is history.

To date The Scintas have performed in over 1,500 venues worldwide. Their audiences have included heads of state, corporate presidents, athletes, movie stars and, most important, John Q. Public.

The group's awareness of the importance of community and family has led to their involvement in raising millions of dollars for hundreds of national and local charities, including Make-A-Wish, Muscular Dystrophy and children's hospitals across the country.

Find Performances for Laugh Out Loud with The Scintas in Other Areas.

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