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Le Cabaret

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Le Cabaret looks back to the days of variety shows with song, dance, impressions, and magic. This isn't exactly the Ed Sullivan show, but a funny and sexy show which features three talented, young, up-and-coming performers who have put together a solid hour-plus of entertainment.

Jenny Alexander has been studying magic for eight years, and headlining at Caesars from 1997 - 2000 in the Magical Empire. Fit and attractive with dark hair and sexy, body conscious attire, she performs a variety of solid illusions. With magic on TV often and no one really stretching the limits with new illusions, performance and presentation make or break a live act and Alexander's show kept the audience spellbound. It also just so happens that she was voted "Sexiest Women In Las Vegas" in the City Life readers poll last year.

"The Exotic Sarafina" is billed as a song and dance seductress, and she doesn't let down in either department. Although her choice of music was somewhat campy (standard country tunes that I'm sure appeal to a broad range of people), she has a great voice and more importantly a riveting stage presence.

La Cabaret's star is one Larry G. Jones, a comedic impressionist who may someday be heir to the Danny Gans / Andre-Philippe Gagnon throne. He was buzzing through impressions so full of one-liners and comedic lyrics that you barely stopped laughing at the last one before he hit you with another zinger. He can do over 200 voices, and did a significant variety of favorites from all eras in his roughly 30 minute segment.

Jones does Julio and Willie, Chubby Checker, Johnny Cash, our last four US Presidents (in an Alice in Wonderland joke that pokes fun at Bill Clinton), an unmerciful stab at Mr. Rogers, a deep Lou Rawls, Cher, a hilarious Michael Jackson, a Wayne Newton that is possibly better than the present Wayne (who's voice isn't what it used to be after an illness a few years back), and far more than I could list here.
Le Cabaret is the perfect show to fit into your busy Las Vegas itinerary, packing plenty of entertainment and variety into an hour.

Although no nudity and only a couple naughty words, this is probably a show better suited to adults who will appreciate the impressions and comedic references. In addition, it does contain very sexy elements.

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