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Legwarmers - An 80's Musical

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Five friends share an evening that will no doubt change their lives. "Legwarmers: An 80ís Musical" is like something right out of a classic eighties movie. All of the style, the music, the friendship that made the 80ís great comes to life on stage. From rock and roll to new-wave and even a few one-hit wonders, there is no shortage of music to sing and dance along to.

In one of the more unique elements in a musical production on the Strip, Legwarmers offers audience participation that allows selected members of the audience to join the cast on stage and get a few 80ís goodies to take home from your experience! Donít forget about the music! Iconic hits from Michael Jackson, one-hit wonders, bubblegum pop and everything in between, the music stands out and really brings the audience back. Whether you grew up then, or just want to have a really good time, Legwarmers: An 80's Musical has something for everyone.

Get ready to have a rockin' good time. Take that trip back in time and relive the decade you loved. Sing, dance and even get up on stage. This family friendly show is a must see. Donít wait, get your tickets now and remember to upgrade to our VIP option for special reserve seating!

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