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Marriage Can Be Murder

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The award winning comedy team of D.D. and the Lt. have signed a 2 year contract to bring murder mayhem and comedy to Las Vegas' Westside, following their successful 15 month run at The Showboat Casino. The Dynamic Duo ("Burns and Allen of the 90's" - Nevada Magazine) will be performing Wednesday thru Saturdays to audiences of Mystery buffs and Fun seekers.

"Marriage can be Murder" is an interactive comedy dinner show experience, where the actors and actresses are planted amongst the unsuspecting guests. High comedy and high jinks abound as the guests are intermingled and sometimes singled out with our killers and victims.

Are you a retired schoolteacher from Iowa? Watch out! The guests may consider you a serial granny. Are you a construction worker from Nevada? The guests just might vote you most likely to kill! Whether you are a professional Musician, Student, Secretary, Lawyer, Truck Driver, Corporate Planner, President of a corporation, Retiree or Stay at Home Mom, your life could be changed forever.

"Marriage can be Murder" is an interactive comedy dinner show game rated a light 'PG13.' The show stays fresh, changing out cast members every 8 weeks -- many enjoy returning again and again. This fun game format takes you along with other guests, a detective, hidden actors/actresses and your hostess through a rash of crimes to hit a single spot on one night. A hilarious Pink Panther/Leslie Nielson - Naked Gun type comedy style. All while dining on a fabulous 3 course meal.

The super sleuth who figures out who the killer or killers are wins a prize and accolades from the other guests.

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