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"Holy Hit" says E! Entertainment - Mesmerized is an energetic mix of comedy, hypnosis and chaos. You can see the show or be the show! Come to watch hilarious audience volunteers live onstage as the number one hypnotist in the world, Marc Savard, whips the crowd into a frenzy. Mesmerized is the wildest and funniest show on the Strip.

Imagine if you could get anybody to believe, do or say anything you wanted them to, just by talking to them. What if-just thru the sound of your voice-you could cause people to believe you were completely invisible or that they found you irresistibly attractive? What if you knew the words that would command a room full of people to shake off their inhibitions and take a walk on whatever side you wanted? While this may sound like fantasy to you, it is the everyday world of Marc Savard. He has toured internationally, entertaining hundreds of thousands of people in a comedy hypnosis show that no one should miss.

Shows at 10:00PM Saturday-Thursday, DARK FRIDAY. There is no nudity, but due to adult content ages 18+ only, please.

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