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It could be said that "Ovation," the all-new show at the Lady Luck, is like eating the inside of an Oreo, one cookie after another for an hour and 10 minutes at a time.

Producer John Stuart has pulled together the cream of the crop of the world's most unique variety acts and rolled them into a fast-paced show.that includes comedians, jugglers, magic, wild comedy, visual artists, music, death-defying stunts and more. In the past, audiences might have seen many of these talented entertainers sandwiched in-between showgirls and large-feathered song-and-dance numbers in a major Las Vegas production, often used as front-of-curtain distraction during the changing of sets. Now "Ovation" proves that it's what's inside that counts - and, for Stuart, how sweet it is.

"Each act creates spellbinding moments," says Stuart, a 22-year veteran of Las Vegas shows. "The show is very fast-paced; the average act is 10 minutes. There' s something for everyone ages 5-105, from juggling to comedy, magic, balancing acts, aerial adagio, and music. Each act is of itself a climactic moment. If you don' t like one act, you just have to wait 10 minutes to see the next. We also rotate acts every three months or so."

Each act in "Ovation" is a testimony to the show's name. They are the high-energy performers who, when previously appearing in a production show, always got the crowd going. They were often al so the ones who ended up stealing the show. No dancing girls, no long staircases, no feathers or huge props, "Ovation" is just one variety act after another, each running about 10 minutes in length. They are showcased in a format that flies in the face of conventional show offerings in the city. It has been said that "Ovation" is like "The Ed Sullivan Show," "Fame," "30 Seconds to Fame" and "American Idol" TV shows all rolled into one.

Acts appearing in this all-new version of "Ovation" include The Stins on Brithers, musical/variety act; Fielding West, comedy magician; New Dynasty, Chinese acrobats; Tino Ferreira, Rolla-Rolla balancing act; Cess and Cathy, Aerial Ballet; The Apalo Brothers, unique jugglers, and Jason Byrne, Post Modern Magic.

General Admission for "Ovation" is $34.95 plus tax. (There are also special dinner/show packages available, one with the Lady Luck's famed gourmet restaurant, the Burgundy Room, and the other with the buffet.) Showtimes are 7 and 9 p.m.; dark Tuesday.

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