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Paul Revere and The Raiders

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Paul Revere grew up in Boise, Idaho not thinking at all about Entertainment. When he was small he would go to the movies and see the Hoosier Hotshots and Spike Jones and the City Slickers. It was then that he first though of mixing music and comedy together.

After high school, Paul went to barber college, opened his own barber shop, and eventually opened a drive-in restaurant called The Reed 'n' Bell. Possessing considerable business insight, Paul approached rock and roll with a far more professional attitude and organized The Raiders in 1958.

Between 1965 and 1966, Paul Revere and the Raiders were featured on the ABC TV five-day-a week network show Where the Action Is produced by Dick Clark. They appeared on 520 network shows.

In the summer of 1971, the Raiders' recording of Indian Reservation sold nearly 4 million singles, making it the biggest selling record for Columbia Records in 10 years.

The chemistry of Paul's fun loving personality has been a major force in maintaining the Raiders popularity. Over the past 40+ years, he has created a highly polished act built on warmth and spontaneity. Paul uses his madcap comedy to bring back the pre-Beatle days of carefree fun.

Audience interaction and one-of-a-kind stage shows have been key elements to the success of Paul Revere and the Raiders since the early days, when stage leaps and torched pianos were signature moves of their live shows. Today, the flaming pianos have been replaced with sidesplitting humor directed by Paul.

Their show features many of their mega-hits such as Just Like Me (#11 in 1965), Kicks (#4 in 1966), Hungry (#6 in 1966), Up and Down (#22 in 1967), Him or Me - What's It Gonna Be (#5 in 1967) along with covers of other classics that transport many in the audience back to the halcyon days of their youth and the soundtrack of their adolescence.

Paul Revere and the Raiders had 25 consecutive hit singles. Some of which include Like Long Hair, Great Airplane Strike, Louie, Louie, Good Thing, Steppin' Out, Ups and Downs, Just Like Me and Hungry.

Meet The Raiders:
Doug Heath - Lead Guitar
Ron Foos - Bass Guitar
Darrin Medley (son of Righteous Brother Bill Medley) - Vocalist/Drummer
Daniel Krause - keyboards and Vocals

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