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Inspired by the islanders of Inis Mor in Galway Bay, Ragus is a show of fast moving, traditional music, song and dance. It is the essential Irish experience.

The word Ragus is the Gaelic for 'urge' or 'desire' and it captures the vibrant mood that this company of brilliant young musicians, singers and dancers create live on stage.

Ragus is now firmly established as a 'not to miss' attraction for the tens of thousands of discerning tourists that visit Aran every summer. Ragus' haunting airs, from Sean Nos traditions of Connemara and Aran are interwoven with lively tunes and rhythmic dancing. The audiences feel the pulse of Ireland's rich musical heritage from a timeless Aran and an Ireland of yesteryear.

Ragus The Show is a journey to the heart of the living tradition and is a truly enjoyable and unparalleled cultural experience.

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