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RAIN- A Tribute to the Beatles is the most renowned Beatles tribute in the world. The history of Rain actually predates the Broadway hit Beatlemania, from which Rain's all-star cast was recruited. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! boasts a song list of nearly 200 Beatlemaniac favorites, ranging from beloved ballads like Let It Be and Hey Jude, to classic hits including Revolution, Come Together and Can't Buy Me Love.

RAIN got their start in Los Angeles in 1975. Like so many other bands, RAIN'S main objective was to write their own original music and eventually secure a recording contract. But unlike other bands, RAIN had a second goal. That goal was to become the best band in the world at duplicating the sound of the Beatles. Not just the early Beatles, but the sound of the complete Beatles, from A to Z.

Their tribute to the Beatles has earned RAIN rave reviews internationally, and won them the priviledge of performing on many television and movie projects, including the entire soundtrack to The Birth of the Beatles, produced by Dick Clark.

Only Rain can perform the full range of Beatles discography live onstage, including the most complex and challenging songs that the Beatles themselves recorded in the studios but never performed for an audience.

In 1990 RAIN gave one of the most unique performances of their distinguished careers. They got up on a rooftop in Seattle, and, in front of live television cameras and a live radio simulcast, duplicated the Beatles last public performance, as seen in their film, Let It Be. RAIN actually performed every song that the Beatles did on the rooftop of London's Apple Studios, in the original order, note for note, and no second takes allowed.

In 2001 Rain revealed a showroom act complete with multimedia video that conjures up the history and feeling of the turbulent 1960s. Rain has grown into a major Broadway type theater production that has been playing to sell-out venues.

The talented musicians that make up RAIN include Joey Curatolo on vocals, bass, piano and guitar. Without questions, Joey is the greatest artist ever to portray Paul McCartney on stage.

Steve Landes is vocals, rhythm guitar, piano and harmonica portrays John Lennon; Joe Bithorn on vocals and lead guitar portrays George Harrison; Ralph Castelli on drums, percussion and vocals, portrays Ringo Star, and Mark Lewis on keyboards and percussion is the founding member of RAIN.

As the foremost practitioners of Beatles music, Rain has even cut its own CD: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! The band's unique proficiency caught the eyes of promoters around the nation.

On February 7, 2004, 40 years to the exact minute when the Beatles arrived on American soil at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, the members of Rain walked off a Concorde jet at Seattle's Boeing Field to 7,000 screaming fans braving a cold rain.

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