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Rockin' USA

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"Rockin' USA" is a fast-paced musical tribute to the early history of rock-n-roll, performed by Las Vegas' finest tribute artists and the Rockin' USA All-Star band. Even at close range, these performers are the very picture of the original artists. Adding to the authenticity of the production, all performers use their own natural voices with Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly banging out tunes on their own guitars.

You haven't really done Las Vegas until you've seen an Elvis impersonator. "Rockin USA" ups the ante with a double dose of The King. Harry Shahoian, as Elvis Presley, kicks the show off with a set of early music from the fifties, including a selection of classics seldom heard on the strip, and completes the show with songs from the 1968 Comeback Special. Shahoian truly brings the look and feel of Elvis to the stage.

Ray Anthony is a dead-ringer for teenage heartthrob Ritchie Valens. Endorsed by the Valens family, Anthony has portrayed Ritchie throughout Canada and the United States. Anthony’s fingers fly across his guitar impressing the audience not only with his musical ability, but also with his charismatic persona. His act leaves the audience dancing in the aisles.

George Trullinger begins the revue with Ed Sullivan ("a really big shew") and later appears as Buddy Holly in his rendition of the "geeky" rock-n-roll performer from Lubbock, Texas including horned rimmed glasses and fender guitar. Trullinger played Buddy Holly in "Legends in Concert" at the Imperial Palace, and has brought that valuable experience with him to "Rockin' USA".

The always energetic backup band members, Dino Marino, Rob Eisler, and Scott Webb add excitement to the show. Keep a sharp eye out for the pianist Frankie "Flying Fingers" Moreno.

If you're looking for family entertainment that is sweaty in nostalgia, "Rockin' USA" is a musical journey through the early history of rock-n-roll that you won't want to miss.

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