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Scarlett & Her Seductive Ladies of Magic

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Scarlett is a true female role model in a male dominated business. She has mastered some of the most difficult feats performed by the legendary Harry Houdini and Harry Blackstone, Jr. She has conquered the unimaginable by being handcuffed, feet shackled, dropped upside down and locked in bone chilling water in an escape never intended for a woman.

She owns one of only two 40 year-old Topsy Turvy vertical boxes that belonged to Harry Blackstone, Jr. The prop is quite narrow and just large enough to stand in upright. Scarlett is flipped over and placed upside down and is able to instantaneously switch to an upright position before an amazed audience.

Fans of all ages are amazed by the Wind Shear performance which is extremely dangerous. Scarlett encounters a large high powered industrial fan and is able to "magically" pull her body through its razor sharp blades in one piece.

Scarlett also loves animals, and uses five of her personal pets in the show. She feels that "Animals make people smile. I love bringing Eve, a Hyacinth Macau, my rabbit 'old blue eyes' named after Frank Sinatra, Stan the parakeet, Spiffy the miniature daschaund and my German Shepherd Rommel to work with me every day. It takes patience to train animals and create magical effects around them. Their safety is my utmost concern."

This multi-faceted entertainer loves new challenges and is adapt at three languages including: Spanish and Chinese. She is an accomplished dancer, has fire performing skills, is an artist, metal welder and a percussionist.

Scarlett grew up in Reno, Nevada. She dreamed of performing, and at the age of 5 began dancing. She studied ballet, tap, jazz, Irish dance, salsa, tango, fire dancing etc. for over 10 years. She feels that "My comprehensive background in dancing has helped my performance skills: you need the physical dexterity and on-stage personality to confidently perform magic before an audience."

The young girl was also interested in the wonder of illusion, and saw every magic show in town. Beautiful ladies floating in air and objects that mysteriously appeared filled her imagination.

Her dreams materialized when she was selected to perform as the featured assistant to Reno magician Jon Andrew. She incorporated her dancing expertise and fire performing skills to enhance his show. Jon quickly discovered Scarlett's natural talents and began working with her to develop a signature style of her own.

Scarlett recalls that "Jon taught me classical routines - the vanishing birdcage, linking rings, etc. and once I understood the performance elements I was able to conquer the technical aspects of each illusion more effectively."

Scarlett performed her first show in October '07 in Henderson, Nevada and has headlined at Hollywood's legendary Magic Castle and at "The World's Greatest Magic Show" at the Greek Isle and Casino in Las Vegas. She was the only female co-starring with 6 other magicians.

It is a dream come true for Scarlett. She has accomplished an amazing feat - starting as an assistant to headlining in her own show on the Las Vegas strip in just two short years! She has always believed in hard work, determination, talent and persistence.

She currently resides in Las Vegas and her hobbies include: painting, metal sculpture, travel and exotic foods. She spends time doing charitable endeavors and working with non profit dance companies to inspire young people, and let them know anything is possible.

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