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Shades of Sinatra

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This exciting musical production pays tribute to Ol’ Blue Eyes.  These four dynamic performers lend their world-class vocal abilities to over 30 of his biggest hits, from touching, heartfelt solos to rousing group numbers. This non-stop, high-energy show is loaded with zany humor and off-the-cuff, good-natured ribbing, as well as poignant stories about the man and his music. Come and experience all your favorite timeless classics, performed by "Shades of Sinatra"!

Originally created in early 2005, Shades of Sinatra was the brainchild of Vegas entertainer Kelly Clinton, who assembled three male singers who loved to sing Sinatra's songs. Kelly realized that putting singers from different backgrounds and generations together on stage to talk about their love of Frank Sinatra would create an interesting dynamic as a setting in which to sing some of the most beloved popular songs in history. Larry Liso, Ryan Baker and Carmine Mandia now bring that experience to the stage.

Lisa Smith joined the group in 2006 and was a welcome female element as her character brings not only humor and sexual tension, but a real musical spark as well with her extensive theatrical background.

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