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Sinbad's name recalls the literary legend that symbolizes strength, adventure and optimism and, is what he strives for. "I renamed myself Sinbad because Sinbad is bad. He could hang with rogues and with kings. He didn't have the strength of Hercules, but he could outwit anyone."

Born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Sinbad grew up telling jokes to his three brothers and two sisters. The image sticks: Sinbad the wild child, off-the-wall Sinbad who would do anything for attention, free as the wind, an unpredictable force that can't be harnessed, and always willing to pay any price looking for laughs.

Sinbad's first love was basketball and the Globetrotters were a childhood dream. He won a basketball scholarship to the University of Denver. "I had flaming red hair and they called me Red Chamberlain. I had "Baby Wit" written on the side of my car. I was on my way to becoming All-American. I thought college ball was going to be the ticket." Basketball's loss was comedy's gain and Sinbad has become one of the most famous comedians around.

Sinbad never tells jokes - "I don't know any," He admits. He stalks the stage, telling real-life stories. He doesn't deliver payoff lines: he slam-dunks them. His comedy is large, physical, and impetuous. He is the explosive energy of the neighborhood: his phrasing is manic, musical and right on time. He doesn't write his material: he relives it as he remembers it.

Sinbad made his big screen debut in the 1991 gridiron comedy Necessary Roughness. His other motion picture credits include a starring role in Houseguest, First Kid, Jingle All The Way, and a cameo in Coneheads. He was the voice of the canine Riley in Homeward Bound ll. On television, he starred in the title role of the Cherokee Kid on HBO; was the star and executive producer of his own acclaimed Fox TV sitcom, The Sinbad Show and Sinbad's Summer Jam Weekend IV also airing on HBO. Sinbad's Summer Jam won the prestigious NAACP Image Award consecutively for two years in the Most Outstanding Variety Series/Special category.

Sinbad has brought his observations to the printed page. From love to layaway, parenting to primping, weight loss, to the World Wide Web, Sinbad's Guide To Life (Because I Know Everything) has been published by Bantam Books.

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