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The all-new production of the stage spectacular Splash celebrates 20 years of thrilling and exciting Las Vegas show-goers, continuing its reign as one of the longest running shows on the Strip. To commemorate the occasion, the new show features a Centennial theme to coincide with Las Vegas' 100th birthday as well as the 50th anniversary of the Riviera Hotel & Casino.

Since its debut at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in 1985, Splash has been wowing audiences with its showcase of sexy showgirls, dynamic dancers, motorcycle stuntmen, and an ever-changing line-up of top specialty acts on The Strip. Over the past 20 years, the show's Las Vegas-style entertainment elements combined with the latest technology in lighting and sound, bold and imaginative sets, and lavish costumes have made Splash a total sensory experience not to be missed.

This ever-evolving extravaganza includes new dance numbers inspired by the music, movies, shows and personalities that made up the past 100 years of Las Vegas entertainment! The new Splash pays tribute to the stars from Elvis and Ann Margaret to Usher and Outkast as well as the fantastic Broadway productions of Mamma Mia and Phantom of the Opera. There's something for everyone with a touch of comedy in tongue-in-cheek dance numbers and a touch of sexy in scintillating vignettes all centered around the nostalgia and allure of the great city of Las Vegas. These central elements combined with a show-stopping, ever-rotating roster of talent, has kept show-goers coming back time and time again for the record-breaking 20 year history of Splash. Splash principle performers include:

Dan Gibson - Leading Man, Emcee, Tom Jones, Usher
Olga Shalyganova - Leading Lady
Homelani Kupau - Elvis Presley
Melissa Lamunyon - Ann Margaret
Bernard Polk - Andre 3000 of Outkast
Andrea Guevara - Missy Elliot
Etienne Carreira - Eminem

Splash specialty acts include:

Guinness World Record Holders Bela Tabak's Riders of the Thunderdome -Throughout the show's history, Splash has featured motorcycle daredevils racing about a spherical steel cage. Initially, the stunt consisted of two motorcycles inside an 18-foot diameter globe. With training, experience, technology and practice, they added a third bike in the late '80s and later split the globe to allow four riders to perform and literally fly out of the steel structure. Today, Splash features the unadulterated motorcycle mania of Bela Tabak's Riders of the Thunderdome, including four mad motorcyclists racing at break-neck speeds inside a 14-foot sphere of metal mesh.

Mikhail Panin and Margarita Barber - Splash now also features unbelievable ice dance, figure, adagio and show act skating routines performed by international skating stars Mikhail Panin and Margarita Barber. Performing spirals and spins, they enchant audiences with the sheer beauty and grace of their ice dance routines. While performing within Splash's custom-designed 35-foot by 15-foot ice rink, Panin and Barber execute astounding feats of strength and skill.

Los Latin Cowboys - Traditional Argentinean entertainers commonly known as gauchos, Hugo Latorre and Eduardo Lome are highly trained and skilled performers of the rhythmic drumming of bombos, swinging of bolos, and dance for which gauchos are known. Combining their performance of this traditional art with a comedy routine, they keep audiences applauding wildly and laughing uncontrollably.

The Richard Brothers - Third generation entertainers, Ricardo, Manuel and David are jugglers extraordinaire. Held over due to their tremendous appeal, The Richard Brothers' act includes juggling of clubs, rings, hats and boxes; as well as an unforgettable routine in which they juggle three clubs while cleverly moving a hat and cigar between them.

Irina Grigorian - Irina is a USA Professional Ice Skating Gold Medalist and is taking time off from performing in Champions on Ice to join Splash with her unique and awe-inspiring hula-hoop act unrivaled in the world of ice-skating.

Vitaly - New to Splash, Vitaly performs an aerial acrobatic silk act displaying feats of beauty and strength using two long sashes suspended from the ceiling.

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