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The career of the Bee Gees was phenomenal. Apart from the Beatles, no other group has come close to producing such a consistent quantity of music. It is a consistency that has lasted over 30 years during which time the Gibb Brothers have given the world music as varied as New York Mining Disaster, How Deep Is Your Love, Saturday Night Fever, Jive Talking, Lonely Days and How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.

Stayin' Alive The Australian Bee Gee Show is a complete five piece live band, renowned worldwide for their definitive performances of all the classic Bee Gees songs from the sixties all the way to the new millennium.

The show is the most authentic and up to date tribute to the Bee Gees, combining the look, personality and humor that defines one of the most successful and adored acts in musical history.
Stayin' Alive will dazzle you with their astounding multi-media presentation, featuring footage of the band, amazing graphics and original footage of the Bee Gees themselves.

From their first shows in 1997, Stayin' Alive has played to capacity houses throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand, North & South American and Germany, gathering accolades they deserve as the world's leading Bee Gees tribute show.

Michael Cliff (vocals and guitar) portrays Barry Gibb. He brings to the stage the self confidence, and the humility of this true musical icon.

Wayne Hoskim (vocals, keyboard & guitar) portrays Maurice Gibb. His recreation of the amazing spirit and super talent that was Maurice Gibb is nothing short of astonishing.

David Scott (vocals and guitar) portrays Robin Gibb. David reduces many Robin fans around the world to tears with his quiet unassuming manner and trade mark "shiver down the spine" vibrato vocal.

Musicians Tony Richard on bass, guitar and vocals and Mike Mitchell on drums, percussion and vocals complete the tribute to the Bee Gees.

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