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Steel Panther also referred to as Metal Skool is not just a concert but an experience you won't forget, these L.A. metal guys have been on the Las Vegas circuit for a number of years and made The House of Blues their permanent home. They also find time to tour coast to coast as well as the ultimate Metal summer festivals in Europe. The line-up of there zesty glam rockers are vocalist-Ralph Saenz as Michael Starr,drummer-Darren Leader as Stix Zandinia, bass - Travis Haley as Lexxi Foxxx and guitarist - Russ Parrish as Satchel. Their parody of a show is known for their humerous lyrics and exaggerated on-stage personas that bring you back to the 80's. They are on every Saturday night at 11pm. If your as much of a hair/glam/metal lover as most of us you will enjoy this show!

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Find Performances for Steel Panther in Other Areas.

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