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Steve Wyrick

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Featured on numerous national television specials and performances around the world, Wyrick performs some of the most defiant and imaginative illusions anywhere. His renowned "Blades of Death" illusion is unrivaled, while the appearance of a twin-engine aircraft is the largest stage illusion being performed in Las Vegas.

Wyrick has been mastering his talent since he was a child growing up in Texas. His engagement at the Sahara Hotel and Casino allows him to take his illusions to new extremes. Wyrick is a daredevil who attempts things that have never been tried anywhere before.

For his latest show, "Steve Wyrick: Real Magic", Wyrick pulls out all the stops for this new one-of-a-kind mega-illusion magic experience. His new show is faster-paced, more edgy and uncut, yet has the quality production value of a Broadway performance. Wyrick performs some of the most imaginative and mind-blowing illusions anywhere including making a Lear Jet 35 and AS 350 helicopter appear and a West Coast Chopper disappear into mid-air. Wyrick also incorporates an H2 Hummer into the spellbinding experience that will keep the audience at the edge of their seats. His signature, larger-than-life illusions headline, but it is Wyrick's personal touches that make the show truly unique, allowing audience members to experience both the largest and smallest magic in one unforgettable performance. The total production costs for the show are more than $10 million dollars.

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