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Welcome to an entirely new venture in Las Vegas showroom entertainment! This sexy new musical comedy is like no other show in town. Tease is a traditional Broadway musical, a Las Vegas production show, an interactive dinner theater and a party all rolled into one.

The characters and the set of Tease create a unique and interesting backdrop for a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of a night at a gentleman’s club during a big bachelor party. The girls of Tease range from the rookie, Sue-Ann, on her first night as a stripper to the matronly den mother stripper-for-life, Portia. The other characters are just as engaging, with conceited and self absorbed outsider, Pandora; Angel, the stripper with big dreams of being discovered; Raven, the bisexual predator of Tease; Vinny the cynical bus-boy from Jersey; Dickey the DJ; and Billy Bob, the bachelor. The patrons of Tease will likely find it difficult not to get involved with the ins and outs of a night on the job with this colorful cast of characters.

Tease boasts an amazing and talented cast comprised of accomplished vocalists performing over fifteen original songs. Also, the all original script of Tease is loaded with comedy and audience participation and the clever choreography is the glue that binds together this warm and creative venture creating an all around risqué and visually stunning production.

If you only see one show in Las Vegas, Tease is it!

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