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Terry Stokes

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From the small pubs and bars in Atlanta, through the greatest fairs and outdoor shows in North America, to the finest showrooms in Las Vegas, Terry Stokes has become the premier stage hypnotist of our time. Terry's on-stage charisma has made Hypnolarious the most unforgettable entertainment experience available.

Terry's unique ability to capture and audience and draw them into his world where anything is possible has created a following of fans who return time after time never to be disappointed.

The unspoken fear of entertainers since the beginning of time has been that the "ACT" would put people to sleep. If Terry Stokes ever finds his act NOT performing this function he'll be in real trouble. Terry is a hypnotist. That doesn't quite say enough. Let's try again. Terry is a Fantastic Hypnotist.

Seemingly at the drop of a word the "Sleepers", all audience volunteers, are transformed into the world's greatest dancers; a man convinced he is a race car driver, steers his chair to victory; a man believing he is Dolly Parton belts out his favorite country tune.It goes on and on - one hilarious incident after another as the suggestions continue to pour from Terry's endless bag of tricks, even the unbeliever becomes convinced.

The show blends uproarious comedy, ingenious captivity and masterful showmanship that leaves audiences both spellbound and thoroughly entertained, Buyers and patrons agree, for the most fun-filled evening imaginable, nothing can top HYPNOLARIOUS!

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      Rating: 6.000 Total Times Rated: 10

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