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The Association is the one of the most popular and successful sixties bands from California. They have sold over eight million records, tapes, CDs and DVDs, earning six gold discs and two platinum. Their album, The Association Greatest Hits continues to be one of the longest best-selling albums in the history of the Warner Brothers Record Label.

Their national break came with the song Along Comes Mary. The recording went to #7 on the Billboard charts and led to the group's first album And Then Along Comes the Association. A song from the album entitled Cherish would become The Associations first #1 hit in September of 1966.

Their other number one hits Never My Love and Windy have achieved 'standard status' receiving almost as much airplay today as they ever have.

At the turn of this millennium, BMI's announcement of the Top 100 Most Played Songs of all Time placed The Association's hits Never My Love at #2, Cherish at #22 and Windy at #61. Never My Love has had more than 7 million airplays. One million continuous performances of a song represents 5.7 years of continuous airplay. Never My Love equals more than 40 years of back-to-back play.

The Association was formed in 1965 after the breakup of an eleven-man electric folk group called The Men, the first 'folk rock' group. They are the first electric group to break through the anti-rock biases in many of the major venues across the country. They were also the first rock 'n' roll band to perform at Hollywood's Greek Theater, The Coconut Grove and The Copacabana.

In addition to the "big three," Cherish, Windy and Never My Love, Along Comes Mary, Everything That Touches You, Six Man Band and Time For Livin' were top ten hits and showcase the versatility, the carefully crafted vocals and the intricately woven instrumentation that is the signature of The Association, a cornerstone of American pop music.

The Association was received seven Grammy nominations between 1966 and 1967. In 1967, they were also nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Music in the film Goodbye Columbus which also won them the Foreign Press Award.

Since the 80s, The Association has sung and played in every state in the Union, most of the Canadian provinces, Bermuda, Greece, Athens, South America, and the Philippines. In 2003 they were inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame and in the last couple of years they appeared on two PBS Specials. Warner Brothers and Rhino Records has released a double CD entitled, Just the Right Sound The Association Anthology with 50 tunes, a 40 page biographical booklet and several photos.

Originals Terry Kirkman and Ted Bluechel left the group in 1984. Jules (Gary) Alexander departed in 1989, and Brian Cole passed away in 1971. Russ Giguere, Jim Yester, Larry Ramos continue to carry the torch, along with Larry's brother Del and Brian Cole's son Jorgan. Drummer, Bruce Pictor completes the group.

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