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The Jacksons

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Motown madness is alive and well and happening right here on the fabulous Las Vegas strip as we all can give thanks to those who sculpted our lives with words and feelings sometimes we just couldn't say directly but thanks to R&B greats like The Jackson's who could sing it for us with elegance and unforgettable choreographed movements contributing to making some of history's best rhythm sounds worldwide. Thank You for the music to the family whose 50th year in the entertainment industry still endures in our hearts and souls forever as it's a great pleasure to get the indeed rare chance to see live, the band whose talent has shaped so many of the R&B greats of today. Get your fill of inspiration and check out Motown music legends, the one and only Jacksons live on stage at Planet Hollywood alternating shows with 70s rock legend, Meatloaf.

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