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The Smith Brothers

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The Smith Brothers are a group of four musicians who perform year round in Las Vegas.

The brothers began their musical careers in their home state of Ohio in the early 1970's. Soon, they were touring the country and were performing in the famous Playboy Clubs. In 1975, they hit Las Vegas and the famous Flamingo Hilton Hotel. "They liked us so much at the Flamingo," says the group's leader, Greg Smith, "they signed us to a two year contract." At that point, the brothers decided to make Las Vegas their home. They have worked continuously in Las Vegas lounge scene ever since that time.

One reason for their success is that they play a wide variety of music, including Top 40, 50's and 60's, and some country music as well. They also try to create a "party-like" atmosphere in the lounges, and audience participation is always encouraged.

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