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Thunder From Down Under

Thunder Theater at the Excalibur

Indefinite      9:00pm Mon - Wed. & 9pm & 11pm Thur - Sun with an extra 7pm Fri-Sat show. Tickets $40.95 & $50.95, $60.95 +tax & fee. Must be 18 or older to attend.
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The Thunder from Down Under has moved from the Frontier Hotel over to the showroom inside the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. This group of buff Australian men do their best to entertain, tantalize, tease, and whip their female audiences into a frenzy with a variety of strip tease dances. With both group and individual numbers, "The Thunder from Down Under," pleases its target audience.

"The Thunder from Down Under" has been operating for over 14 years. In that time, the group has been able to entertain women on a global scale and has become the most successful male revue in the world. They brought their success to Las Vegas, as well. As soon as they opened, they were an immediate success. Shortly after the "Thunder" opened at the Frontier, three other male revues open in Las Vegas hoping to cash in on that same success. Lots of showrooms have been vying for this group and were only waiting until their one year contract at the Frontier expired.

This All-Male Revue is Australia's answer to the Chippendale Dancers, and is certainly, just as well received. This bevy of buff male bodies bounds across the stage in this 75-minute tease to all of the female audience members. It is a party. It is a romp. Every night is a fantasy bachelorette party, and it is certainly a "Girl's Night out." These men know how to work their audience and do a good job at whipping these women into a frenzy.

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