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The Origins of Uriah Heep go back in time, to 1969, in merry ole London, England where amazing hard rock was springing up every which way. It was the tail-end of The British invasion, and American heavy metal rock legend, Jimi Hendrix had taken the world by storm taking his beat to a new dimension of hard rock. With Many aspiring musicians, there was still plenty of room to share the spotlight with and original creations were in the making with a sound that's not only out of the ordinary creative but has come to be known today as legend. Mick Box, a then, young talented lead guitarist emerging with much inspiration and promise to form the Gothic-inflected heavy metal band known as Uriah Heep. Their Classic line-up began in 1973 with such hits, as The Wizard, Easy Livin, Gypsy, and Stealin. Present band line up include: Bernie Shaw on vocals, Mick Box Lead Guitar, Russel Gilbrook on Drums, Davey Rimmer Bass and Phil Lanzon on Keyboards.

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