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Zen Magic

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Featuring Ai and YuKi and the most highly skilled acrobats and martial artists in the world, Zen Magic brings a diabolical legend to life! Critics are calling it a "thrill ride centuries in the making" with illusions so unique no other stage performers have been able to master.

Ai and YuKi are the only thing that stands between good and evil and they’ll do anything to fight off the evil of the Tengu. Tengu are a class of supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore, art, theater and literature and are one of the best known monster-spirits. As legend has it, over time Tengu became creatures associated with war and eventually they were given the knowledge of skilled combat. And Zen Magic brings Ai and YuKi live to the David Saxe Theater to defend the audience and defeat the evil Tengu with their incredible martial arts skills.

Zen Magic takes its audience on an unforgettable journey through love, courage and magic. Entertainment for the entire family, this show provides excitement, adventure, and intrigue for all to enjoy!

Ai and YuKi, "The First Ladies of Illusion" both hail from Japan where for many years have thrilled Japanese audiences with their own brand of classic traditional magic. Here in the United States they have continued to captivate audiences bringing new visions to their stage artistry. They have had the good fortune to be invited to perform at the world famous Magic Castle six times alone in 2007 and in 2008 were honored to be nominated in the category for "Stage Magic" at the Magic Castle Awards. That same year they produced their first American venture at the San Gabriel Theater in Los Angeles, CA. They were featured for three episodes on the "Masters of Illusions" television show on FOX in 2009. Now in 2010, Ai and Yuki embark on their latest venture in Las Vegas, "Zen Magic" where the audience is taken on a journey where magic, LOVE & COURAGE battle good and evil. Old and young alike will enjoy this "thrill ride centuries in the making" where breathtaking aerial acrobats (including Ai and Yuki) bring this highly engaging world to life through their very unique style of Japanese magic. Keeping the message that love and courage conquer all.

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