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ZUMANITY Theatre at the New York-New York

Indefinite      Limited Time Special Offer: Tickets from $49.00
7:00pm & 9:30pm Tue-Sat (DARK Wednesday & Thursday) Tickets $69.00, $79.00, $105.00 & $129.00 + fee. ($129.00 Duo Sofa tickets sold in pairs only) Dinner package also available.
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ZUMANITY is a show for lovers, would-be lovers, and anyone whose imagination has ever been sparked by the idea of love. The international cast, consisting of 50 eclectic and flirtatious performers and musicians, will reach out to take the audience on a 90-minute encounter, awakening most primal urges to a new form of eroticism blending movement, style, acrobatics, uninhibited costumes and beautiful bodies with the sensual caress of the human voice and insistent pulse of exotic rhythms.

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      Rating: 6.063 Total Times Rated: 63

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