Favorite Casino Games In Las Vegas 2019

Aptly nicknamed The Entertainment Capital of The World, Las Vegas is a place where people flock to in droves to leave their troubles behind and have fun. It is a gambling mecca that dazzles the senses with bright lights, lavish five-star hotels, gigantic casinos, and a wide variety of different games for every type of player – but how do you decide which games to choose?

Given how diverse Las Vegas is, making a decision about what games to play when you visit the city can be a difficult task. However, thanks to a recent Las Vegas Games Survey carried out by OUSC, making the right decision has never been easier. From analyzing this study, we are able to formulate a list of the top six most popular games in Las Vegas Casinos that people consistently enjoy. Read on to see the results.


Craps is a long-time favorite in casinos across the world, and Las Vegas is no exception. In this fun-filled dice game, the player stands alone at the center of attention and makes a bet based on the outcome of the roll. Known as the game of choice for extroverts, Craps can quickly draw in a big crown who love nothing more than to see a person riding hard against the house on a lucky streak. The majority of craps tables on the Las Vegas Strip offer 3/4/5 times odds (player can wager three times the flat bet on a 4 and 10, four times on a 9, and five times on a 6 and 8).


Roulette is Another old-school casino classic that has stood the test of time and kept its place in the hearts of casino players in Las Vegas is Roulette. During this game, players can make bets on either a single number, groups of numbers, the colors red or black, odd and even numbers, and high or low numbers. When they make their decision, a ball is then tossed onto the spinning wheel and eventually lands in one of the 38 colored and numbered pockets.


Blackjack is another classic casino game that has been the subject of many famous Hollywood movies like “Rain Man” and “21”. Here, the aim of the game is to get cards as close to the number as 21 without going over (busting). Many different variants of the game exist in Las Vegas, each of which offers different rules and odds that meet the unique preferences of each type of player. For more information on what options are available, we recommend taking a look at Las Vegas Blackjack Survey which provides extensive research on the subject to ensure you find your perfect type of blackjack game.


In Baccarat (pronounced BACK-ARR-AHH), the rules are relatively simple to follow and almost all of the work, such as controlling of hands and hitting decisions are done by the player-dealer. Here, the player-banker draws cards with the hope of getting as close to a total of nine as possible. Aces count as one, tens are zero and two to nine retain their actual value. All you need to do is bet on one of three options: the player’s hand winning, the dealer’s hand winning, or a draw. Find the best Baccarat tables in Las Vegas in this survey.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow is as popular today it was back in when it was first played in the 1980s. In simple terms, the aim of the game is to make two poker hands: one five-card hand and one two-card hand. If the two poker hands beat the dealer's two poker hands, you win. However, if only one of your hand wins, it's a push, and if both of your hands lose then you lose your bet. Essentially, Pai Gow is a game of pushes, meaning you can play for a long time on the same stake while still being able to move quite a bit of cash around. Odds are definitely in favor of winning at least one hand per deal, making Pai Gow one of the lowest-risk table casino games available in Las Vegas.

Casino War

Casino War is another favorite in Las Vegas. It’s based on the children’s game War. Casino War involves each player receiving one card face up with the dealer also receiving a card. The dealer plays each player. Bettors should have no concern about what cards other players receive as it is each player against the house hand. Essentially: whoever has the highest card wins the game. However, a tie between the cards creates a war whereby the players must either make a new bet to try and rescue the other or forfeit half of the original bet. If the player wins the war, the original bet pushes and the war bet is paid. If the dealer wins, the house takes both bets. Some casinos pay 2-1 if the war ties. Others just pay the normal amount.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to have the best time possible during your visit to Sin City but are still uncertain of what games you’re going to play when you get there, why not go check out the OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com Las Vegas Game Survey for yourself to help you make the best possible decision. It’s easy to understand, accessible in all smartphones, PCs and Laptop devices, and doesn’t cost you a penny. The survey is conducted by Vegas experts and is updated every year to provide travelers the best value information to plan their casino trip.