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Let It Ride

A variation of Poker, Let It Ride is a relatively new card game that offers large payoffs and exciting play. Bases on the classic Five Card Stud, the object of Let It Ride is to get a pair of 10s or better using three cards dealt to the player and two "community" cards given to the dealer. In this game, as in Blackjack, everyone plays against the casino. Players ante up three equal wagers and are dealt three cards open face. If you think you have the makings of a winning hand, you have the option of leaving all three of your wagers on the table. However, if you are dealt a "weak" hand, you can take back your first bet. The dealer then shows the first of two community cards which apply to all hands on the table. You them have the option of taking back your second bet or "letting it ride." The third bet remains. The dealer then shows the second community card. Winners are paid based on hands which have a pair of 10s or better with a pair of 10s paying even money.

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