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Note: This is a past column from December 07, 2007
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Las Vegas - December 7, 2007

Bette Midler Carme Pitrello Bob Anderson

A party to launch takes place this evening from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Triq Ultra Lounge in the Steve Wyrick Entertainment Complex (that's in Planet Hollywood's Miracle Mile Shops). is the brainchild of business partners Gene Balmain and Frank Sener. Shannon Huslig, Las Vegas' own internet TV host, will be on the scene, camera in tow, to highlight the launch. Media-types and a number of show folk are expected to attend and celebrate the Vegas fanatic, Vegas lover, Vegas voyeur, Vegas virgin, Vegas entertainer, Vegas closet lover-wannabe-local, AND their new best internet feed: "When you cannot be IN Vegas, you can be ON We never close!" states Balmain. Prepared to handle more than 1,000,000 members, is the World Wide Web's equivalent to the city's own McCarran International Airport, however notably less expensive and without the delays. is a friend-of-a-friend (FOAF) network, on the order of myspace but with significant differences. Like other FOAF's, offers its own video servers, MP3 files and blog ability. What makes unique is its commitment to the Las Vegas entertainer. Pictures, resumes and zed cards will go high-tech for models, showgirls and dancers. Singers and rising local bands will have a new forum where they can upload their own music and share with all fans. "We've made a significant commitment in networking hardware and software," explains Sener. The acclaimed band, Neon Venus, will be at the launch party to show their support and perform a number of songs from their latest CD, Irresistible. Vegas' iconic beauties take special interest in since the site is exclusively partnered with, the ultimate source for auditions and entertainment news. members are required to be 18 years or older. Other than the age requirement, Gene and Frank insist, "We don't discriminate." Any country that wants to be a member can be. Though some hopeful locals may not be able to directly pinpoint Las Vegas on the globe, they can explain that whatever happens there stays there. It makes Vegas more of a state-of-mind than a physical place and is that place. Now anyone can be a Las Vegan, even those on the other side of the world. See you at the party!

* * * * * *

Although her Caesars Palace production, called The Showgirl Must Go On, isn't opening until February 20th, Bette Midler tickets will go on sale beginning Sunday. Known for her incomparable humor, over-the-top imagination and captivating charisma, the Divine Miss M's new Las Vegas show has been created exclusively for The Colosseum, occupied for the past five years by Celine Dion. The Showgirl Must Go On will feature some of Midler's favorite colorful characters - from Delores Delago, the wheelchair-bound mermaid, to the oldest living showgirl in Las Vegas, old, old, old Soph. Midler and her entourage of talented performers, comprised of the Harlettes (Jordan Ballard, Kyra Dacosta and Kamilah Martin), a 13 piece band - which includes a six-piece horn section from the Las Vegas band Fat City Horns - and 20 female dancers, are rehearsing in New York and Los Angeles before heading to Las Vegas in January where rehearsals will continue. "I'm really looking forward to the show. I've been hoarding feathers and fans and sequins and rhinestones for the last 50 years and, hey, I'm ready to throw ‘em all on stage," says Bette. Based on the early interest in this sure-to-be-a-hit show, five dates - March 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th and 16th - have been added to Bette's first run at The Colosseum. Tickets can be purchased by calling 1 (877) 7BETTEM (723-8836), online at COLOR="#0000ff">, keyword "Bette Midler," or in person at the Caesars Palace Box Office, which is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Ticket prices are $95, $140, $175, and $250. Bette Midler will perform approximately 100 shows a year at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The Showgirl Must Go On will hit the stage five nights per week at 7:30 p.m. and will be dark on Mondays and Thursdays. Personally, we can hardly wait!

* * * * * *

There isn't much that surprises us these days, but this story did. In August, actor/artist/ writer Greg Etchison passed away in Las Vegas. Greg was a cast member of Caesars Magical Empire (now a piece of Vegas history) and appeared as Scrooge in Lawry's The Prime Rib's annual version of A Christmas Carol. The native New Yorker also performed in a number of local community theater projects around the city during the years he lived here. In addition to acting, Greg did some writing (mostly theater reviews), and painted. Art was really his first love. He owned his own gallery in New York. In Las Vegas, his work was featured in a number of exhibits in local galleries and libraries. One of his biggest projects (or any other artist's for that matter), was a 12 foot high by 60 foot wide (you read that right) mural on canvas depicting real and imagined events that took place as a result of the terrorists attack on the United States, September 11, 2001. Etchison worked on "9-11: The Day" for months at the Las Vegas Art Museum on West Sahara. His greatest wish was to see his enormous creation housed in one of our city's government buildings. Sadly, that hasn't happened. Instead, the canvas is rolled up, almost like discarded garbage, in the back room of a Saver's store in the northwest part of Las Vegas. That monumental work joins other pieces of Etchison's life, stacked and crowded into the storeroom of the large thrift shop. How could this happen? We have heard a number of stories, none of which we can verify at this time. For additional information on Mr. Etchison‘s work, e-mail Cousin Claire (address at the bottom of page).

And speaking of art, Joni Max, a Las Vegas-based artist, can be seen on The Learning Channel's Miami Ink (episode "Through Thick and Thin"), Tuesday, December 11th at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time. The episode will be rebroadcast on Tuesday, December 25th at 7 and 11 p.m. PT (check your local listings). Last summer, Joni and her comedian/magician husband, Max Clever (currently appearing in Dick Feeney‘s Viva Las Vegas at the Plaza Hotel & Casino), received red carpet makeovers as did their West Las Vegas home, courtesy of Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The Joni Max Exhibition will open at the Shannon Webb Gallery, 101 E. Charleston Blvd, Suite 202, on Tuesday, December 11th. The artist will be present from 5 to 10 p.m. This will be part of The Arts Factory's Holiday Open House. Joni has been painting, sculpting, faux finishing, and using many other mediums ever since she figured out how to use her hands. She studied fine art at the University of Nevada Reno, and the Jeanette O'Neil School of Decorative Arts in San Francisco. After college, Joni served as a graphic artist in various advertising agencies and magazines in Northern Nevada and the Bay Area. She moved to Las Vegas in 1997 with her husband Max Clever and their five little dogs, cockatoos, and a bunny. Her works have graced several Las Vegas and Boulder City galleries. To view original art by Joni Max, visit

* * * * * *

And the Sacca, er, saga continues. An item that appeared in our November 9th column, revealed some questionable tactics going on inside The CAST Inc. organization. We thought the story might generate a few responses, but were not prepared for the onslaught of e-mail and phone calls we received. It seems we are not alone in our concern for changes in the CAST. What was once a viable group of caring people, banded together to help entertainers in need, has turned into a great big mess. Much of the credit for that goes to the current, self-appointed president of what remains of the CAST. Board members have been ousted (some for asking too many questions or not going along with this megalomaniac leader's wishes) while others have left of their own accord, due to their dissatisfaction with the poor leadership of...just about everything. What was once a democracy, has now become a communistic-type operation. What we find most interesting, is the fact that instead of responding to the questions we have posed regarding the operation of the CAST board, the leader ignores the real issues and resorts, instead, to name calling and personal attacks on Cousin Claire and those that agree with her (most of whom she does not know personally). It is very, very obvious that El President has no reasonable explanations for the downfall of an organization that he claims to have "saved." Here is an example of how the mature, professional businessperson, aka Las Vegas' Entertainment Ambassador (what a joke THAT is!), deals with people. This is an e-mail from him to Carme Pitrello, a REAL working entertainer and one of the original CAST board members, followed by Mr. Pitrello's response. The spelling and text are left exactly as we received it...


You do not have a clue what is going on with the Cast, get life.

You were hardly there at any of the cast board meetings, you were to busy.this is why you were voted off the board and now you are so concern wow!

Everyone wanted to disband the cast and I decided to keep it going and you want to judge me for that, are you insane, yes you are.

Legally you are out and the new board is running the Cast so except it, Spanky.

You have threaten me physically and have said negative things about me what else would you like my first born, or one of my three dogs.

If you are so concern about the Cast than why don't you attend our next meeting it is on January 4 at Josette's Bistro if not shut your big fat body and mouth.

If you would like to meet with me personally call me I am sure I can find a little for you, if not stuff it.


Cast President

Here is Mr. Pitrello's reply...

I am putting aside my dislike for you for the moment and giving you facts...just facts.
1. Since the CAST began, if I wasn't out doing shows around the world, I attended every board meeting.
2. At every function, I ran the door to make sure our senior members and the members I knew could not afford the luncheon were on a comp. I always bought extra tickets with my money for that. You, on the other hand, didn‘t want to pay. You were too cheap to pay the $22.00. That's like taking money out of our members' pockets. Judy Coco, Michaelina, and I did all the work. You walked in with that phone stuck in your ear like a big shot and enjoyed the fruits of our labor. Now that you're the President, I bet the first thing you did was vote in that you don't have to pay. Tell me I'm wrong.
3. You voted me off the board (which I was grateful for) because I didn't attend a few meetings. Like I stated above, not like some people, I know my talents are much in demand. I work all over the world. At this writing, I am on ship doing the Panama Canal crossing. I do remember you attending the board meetings at the Sahara where you spent most of the time talking on your cell phone or begging off early saying you had to go to some half-assed meeting. At one meeting, you wanted us to vote to not have to pay for the luncheons or functions. We voted you down which really pissed you off. Tell me I'm wrong.
4. Who gave you the right to change our bylaws and our mission? The CAST is for ENTERTAINERS. Not technicians and artists. Let them get their own organization.
5. Tell me why you are also the treasurer. Robert Ensler wrote a nice letter about that. It was so good that you asked him to step down or be voted off the board. What's the matter? Can't handle some honesty for a change? Can't take somebody who isn't a "yes" man?
6. We, the true performers who built our town by slugging it out in the lounges and main rooms for years, think you're a joke...and a bad one at that. You never starred in a main room, You never starred in a long running lounge show, People who can't make it in our business tend to do other things, like mediocre TV talk shows and promote events. In other words, you are just a glorified Emcee. Anything to get recognition. Feed the ego. It isn't only my consensus, but most of the performers in Vegas think that everything Tony does is for Tony, not the town. To want your name on the Walk of Fame. What's that? What makes you think you deserve to be on the walk? There are stars and other people who really deserve to be there. People who have earned the right to be there. In our opinion, you don't have that right. When Steve Cutler had the Hall of Fame at the Tropicana, he honored stars who helped make Las Vegas what it is today. He didn't charge them for it. He honored them for free. Out of respect. What is our town coming to when anybody with fifteen thousand dollars can get his name on the Walk of Fame? That's like buying undeserved fame. Personally, I'd like to see you get a star. Then people can step on you and walk all over you.
7. Now we come to the part about my big fat body and mouth. Let me give you some facts about me. Lots of people have made the mistake about the body. They never looked under the shirt. Under the shirt is 240 pounds of the meanest son of a bitch you will ever find. I boxed in Silver Gloves and Golden Gloves. I boxed in the Army waiting to go to Korea where I fought for eighteen months in combat with the toughest outfit in the Army. I may be 74 years old but I still have a punch like a mule kick. You on the other hand would more then likely sue if some body busted your chops. I will not stoop that low to cause you bodily harm. But, if you come after me, I will defend myself to the best of my abilities and I fight to win.
8 Having said all of this, I really don't want to ever hear from you again. You will eventually destroy yourself. All by yourself. You have no idea of compassion, humility or humbleness, or helping people without a press agent looking over your shoulder.
Now once again I turn on my dislike for you which is enormous. But then again, you deserve it.
Carme Pitrello

After learning that he was listed as a board member of the CAST, busy entertainer Bob Anderson responded with this e-mail...

I am sending this e-mail in regards to the statement that Tony Sacca made, stating that I was a board member of the CAST. First of all, I joined the CAST about 6 years ago when it was first introduced to me by Nelson Sardelli. I went to most of their outings while I was in Las Vegas. In 2003, I moved to Branson, Missouri, and still live here today. I stopped being a CAST member when I left Las Vegas. At no time was I ever more than just a member like everyone else. I was never a board member. I don't even think Tony Sacca was a member of the CAST at that time. If Tony Sacca is stating that I am a board member, he is misrepresenting the truth. I have nothing to do with the CAST, and if Tony Sacca is the current President of the CAST, I have no desire to even be a member again. That is my statement. Thank you for your concern.


Bob Anderson

* * * * * *

This sounds Terrible but, obviously, it's good enough to have lasted for a lucky seven years. We are talking about Terrible's Hotel and Casino, that celebrated their 7th Anniversary yesterday (December 6th). Unfortunately, we didn‘t receive this information early enough to send you scurrying over for cake, champagne and a spectacular fireworks display, but get over to the place, located at Paradise and Flamingo, and check it out for yourselves. Prior to the makeover and expansion, the hotel/casino was known as Hotel Continental. We don't know if it's because of the renovations, luxury suites, 500-car parking garage, improved casino area, brand new slots and video poker machines, or what, but they must be doing something right at Terrible's since every time we go by, the parking lot is full.

* * * * * *

HEEEE'S BACK...or maybe he never left. Freddie House, who tried to convince the world that he was the son of Billy Eckstine (he is not), has resurfaced after some months of laying low. The former husband of Gina Eckstine, Billy's very real daughter, just happened to be at Just Jazz, a relatively new nightclub on East Sahara. You will not believe who was in the club and had managed to convince the owner that he was indeed the son of the romantic balladeer. Yep, it was Freddie the Fraud. This wannabe scoundrel is still using the name Freddie Eckstine and is still trying to pull fast ones on the unsuspecting and uninformed. After DNA tests PROVED that Freddie was in no way related to Mr. B, he was told he could no longer use the name to promote himself as an entertainer. Apparently, Mr. House has chosen to ignore the request. For any prospective bookers, managers, agents or public relations people, here are the facts. Billy Eckstine had seven children, Guy, Ed, Ken, Ron, Gina, C.C. and Billy Eckstine, Jr. Notice that there is no Freddie in the bunch. That is because Freddie House is not/was not related to Billy Eckstine in any way.

* * * * * *

Don't forget this Sunday's Phantom Family Holiday Concert in the Nicholas Horn Theatre on the Cheyenne Campus of the College of Southern Nevada. The show will feature 28 singers and 14 orchestra members from The Venetian's Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular. The concert will benefit Family Promise of Las Vegas, which provides shelter for the homeless. Info on this event, and on Family Promise, is available at There will also be a silent auction associated with this concert. Check out the items on the Web site. Online bidding has begun but there are still plenty of fun and useful items available. Many of them would make great holiday gifts. You can save yourself a trip to the mall while helping those less fortunate. Show time is at 2 p.m. A minimum $30 per person donation is requested. Call (702) 245-0992 for reservations.

* * * * * *

Kelly & Brandon Albright Fhretscya Youmans Photo by Jerry Metellus

In the 11 years that drama coach Gerald Gordon has lived in Las Vegas, he has interviewed more than 2,000 hopeful actors. Out of all those people, only about 400 met Gordon's strict standards and were accepted into one of his 40-something acting classes. The classes are rigorous and only the strong (and the talented) survive. The payoffs, though, are worth the effort (Gordon counts Oscar-winner Adrien Brody among his former pupils). At the end of the six-week classes, an Actors Showcase is presented, with agents, media-types and other actors invited. At Gordon's most recent showcase, we spotted Las Vegas Sun columnist, Jerry Fink, along with topnotch photographer Jerry Metellus in the audience. Over the past few years, Cousin Claire has been privileged to attend a number of these showcases. The latest offering probably displayed the best group of all-age performers we have seen. The "cast" consisted of Brandon Albright (Into the Woods, Camelot, Godspell), Kelly Albright (Cinderella, Nunsense, The Music Man), Nathan Ferrier (Lex Luthor Show, TV‘s Passions, Princess Tenko Christmas), Khalid Freeman (Stomp Out Loud, Cirque du Soleil, Ellen DeGeneres), Jason "Blu" Griffith (Toni Braxton, R. Kelly, Jay-Z and Foxy Brown video), Kenny Harlow (Toni Braxton Revealed, Stomp the Yard, La Cage aux Folles, Aladdin), Claudia Hartman (Pay It Forward, Oceans 11, Rush Hour 2), Kelly Lake (Showgirls of Magic, Happily After Forever), Katrina Loncaric (The Producers, Penn & Teller‘s Bullshit, Damn Yankees), Jason Nious (The District, Stomp Out Loud, America‘s Got Talent, Romeo and Juliet), Danny Prasad, J.D. Smith (Eye For An Eye, Marriage Can Be Murder, The Music Man), Shadia Taylor and Fhretscya Youmans (CSI, Sopranos, Oceans 13). The actors (some with no experience, some with limited stage time, others seeking greater challenges) performed scenes from Orphans, Rabbit Hole, Toyer, Barefoot In the Park, The Great White Hope, The Shadow Box, Key Exchange, Miss Margarida's Way, Lone Star and The Fantasticks. Everyone was so good, we dare not try to pick out who was better than who. So, we just say, "Bravo to all!"

And speaking of Mr. Gordon, Adam Michael Kaokept, one of his former students, has a role in the new musical called Serenade, "The story of a man going sane." Jaradoa Theater is presenting the world premiere through December 15th at Teatro La Tea at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, 107 Suffolk St. 2nd Floor in New York City. Joshua Henry and Anika Larsen will head the cast of the new musical by Tony Award winner Rachel Shrinking, who wrote the book and lyrics, received the 2005 Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and is the co-author of Striking 12, and Nils Olaf Dolven. Henry was part of the original company of In the Heights, the hit musical that transfers to Broadway in the spring. His other credits include the Paper Mill production of Godspell and the musical revue Being Alive at Westport Country Playhouse. Larsen is currently in Xanadu, and has also appeared on Broadway in Rent and All Shook Up. For three years, Kaokept, a former student of the acclaimed Las Vegas Academy of International Studies Performing & Visual Arts (whew!), played "Pepper" in Mandalay Bay's production of Mamma Mia! Tickets for Serenade are $18 and may be ordered by phone at (212) 868-4444.

And speaking of Jerry Metellus, the New York-born photographer currently has an exhibit of his work on display in the Grotto Room of the Sahara West Library, 9600 W. Sahara. Called Moshion, a combination of the words "motion" and "fashion," the photographs depict members of the Nevada Ballet Theatre in action poses (leaping and flying) while wearing fashions from Macy‘s. Metellus has worked with a veritable "who's-who" list of clients from around the world, including Gibson guitars, TV Guide, MTV, Comedy Central, the MGM Grand and Cirque du Soleil. Moshion will be on display thru January 15th. Admission is free.

* * * * * *

John Kaye informs Cousin Claire that he is playing with saxophonist David Van Such, keyboardist Dario, and percussionist Lenny Lopez, of Santa Fe, at the Four Seasons Hotel for the Greater Las Vegas Association Of Realtors Staff Christmas Party tonight (December 7th). John will be singing the standards of his parents' era (his father is Norman Kaye, and his aunt the late Mary Kaye of the legendary Mary Kaye Trio). After that show ends at 9:30, John turns back into an Overlord and heads off to gig with his rock band, The Overlords, at Charlie's Bar on Jones and Lake Mead, from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. The Overlords also play at Charlie's again tomorrow night.

* * * * * *

Eric Comstock & Barbara Fasano Hudson & Saleeby Bright Lights On Ice

If you are on the East Coast, on Monday, December 10th, it's Noel! Noel! (A Noel Coward Celebration) at the Algonquin's Oak Room, 59 West 44th Street. Performing will be Nancy Anderson, Barbara Fasano, Tammy Grimes, Andrea Marcovicci, Marian Seldes, KT Sullivan, Eric Comstock, Simon Jones, Euan Morton, Brian Murray and Steve Ross. The event celebrates the publication of The Letters of Noel Coward, edited by Barry Day. Showtime at the Oak Room is 8 p.m. Call (212) 419-9331 for reservations.

Or, if you happen to be in Elvisland, stop in at Pat O's on Beale Street in Memphis to see onetime Las Vegans, Hudson & Saleeby. The piano playing/singing duo play most Friday and Saturday nights at the popular establishment, located across from the Hard Rock Café. On New Year's Eve, Chris Hudson and Doug Saleeby will be in the piano bar all night long. A VIP evening will include a great dinner and complimentary drinks. Memphis' best band (not to be confused with Memphis‘best duo), Transit, will perform on the patio that night. Call Carey Cummings at (901) 529-0900 ext #104 to make your VIP reservations. There is convenient parking directly behind Pat O's on Peabody Place. Tell Hudson & Saleeby that Cousin Claire misses them. Also, while you are in the neighborhood, stop by Graceland for the complete Memphis experience.

* * * * * *

The Fremont Street Experience will light up even more than usual, beginning on December 11th, when Bright Lights on Ice debuts on the stage at the corner of Fremont and 3rd Street (between the Four Queens and Fitzgeralds hotels). Executive Producer is Jeb K. Rand, with Peter Gordon directing (and choreographing, and designing and creating many of the costumes and sets), and Liz Elliott Lieberman serving as production manager. Executive producer Rand has been involved with figure skating for more than 25 years and has produced, directed and managed numerous skating shows and theatrical productions throughout the country. He and his wife, Jennifer, are former nationally ranked US pairs figure skaters with a history of professional performances to include Ice Capades, Disney on Ice and Stars on Ice, The Italian Tour. Holiday magic sparkles at the Fremont Street Experience when the venue is transformed into a winter wonderland. Amidst the illusion of falling snow, the skaters of Bright Lights on Ice will perform on the 3rd Street stage while trampoline acrobats defy gravity from the ground below. Traditional holiday music and the glittering costumes of Bright Lights on Ice will evoke the festive spirit of the season. The cast of Bright Lights on Ice includes former Canadian National and World Team members and 1995 Skate Canada bronze medalists, Jodeyne Higgins and Sean Rice; 22-year skating veteran, soloist and choreographer, Meegan McDonald; 2003 United States Championships competitor, Samira Banna; Jered Guzman, Brittany Howe, Lisa Montibello, Brittney Porter (who comes from a world famous skating family, being a great granddaughter of the first inductee to the ISI Hall of Fame, Norvile Baptie, granddaughter of Olympic coach Betty Berens, and daughter of Richard and Sally Porter, who skated professionally throughout the world as the lead adagio team with Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice); and specialty acts Corey Fox and Yevgen Malimon. With the sounds of traditional holiday music and glittering costumes, Bright Lights on Ice brings the spirit of the season to downtown Las Vegas. Show times will be at 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. Bright Lights on Ice will run through December 22nd. It's all free and open to the public!

* * * * * *

Bits and Pieces...The obit on the recent death of musician Irv Gordon failed to mention that his granddaughter is Las Vegan Mikalah Gordon, a onetime finalist on American Idol.

Mikalah Gordon Toni Braxton Lee Greenwood

A local TV entertainment reporter announced on Wednesday that the Toni Braxton show at the Flamingo would be ending to make room for Donny and Marie Osmond. Supposedly, the siblings would spend about 40-weeks a year in the Strip showroom. Although the report didn't state when the change would take place, it sounded like something that would happen fairly soon. Braxton's cast of dancers and singers, most with contracts through at least February, knew nothing about this until hearing it on television. The Osmond deal is being put together by entertainer Danny Gans and his on again-off again manager, Chip Lightman. It was Lightman who had Gladys Knight in the same room at the Flamingo, prior to Braxton's gig.

Onetime Las Vegan Lee Greenwood will present A Tennessee Christmas in The Orleans Showroom, Sunday night at 8 p.m. Tickets prices for Greenwood, who now makes his home in Tennessee, start at $29.95 plus tax and can be purchased by calling (702) 365-7075.

Magician Hans Klok and his "assistant'" Pamela Anderson do a permanent disappearing act from Planet Hollywood this weekend. Their much-publicized Beauty of Magic survived for only six-months. On the other hand, after a five-year run, Celine Dion's Caesars Palace show ends on December 15th. Although we haven't checked, our guess is that if you haven't seen A New Day, and you don't have tickets in your hands by now, you will have to catch Diva Dion on tour. Bette Midler, your Palace awaits you.

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