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Note: This is a past column from June 20, 2008
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Las Vegas - June 20, 2008

Lainie Kazan

John O'Hurley

George Wallace

After what we have observed over the past week, regarding the business practices (we sure can't call them ethics) of this new-to-Las Vegas-group calling themselves COLABO or COLABO.BIZ, we are sorry that we gave them any press at all. It is this company that is presenting An Evening with Billie Holiday and Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Family Music Center on West Sahara. The reason we even made mention of these shows in the first place, was because of Las Vegas-based singer Genevieve's participation in the Billie Holiday project, and we really liked a production of Hedwig that we saw here some years ago. We try to make our readers aware of interesting entertainment options that are available to them. In this case, however, we realize that we made a mistake by plugging something put on by people we knew nothing about. What we know about then now is that they are game players...and not nice games either. These are unprepared amateurs, motivated, we think, by greed. Lies have been told and promises have been broken. At least one show was canceled, with an untrue explanation given as the reason why (we hope that the people who may have purchased tickets for the June 15th Billie Holiday show were able to get a refund). As of today, the six musicians who were backing up Genevieve have not been paid for their time and talent. In the category of fictional press information, these guys are in the race for first place. One of their PR pieces on the Internet indicates that the story for this Billie Holiday show was written by singer/actress Lainie Kazan. This didn't make sense to us, as (1) if it were true, it would surely be mentioned on Kazan's official site and it wasn't, (2) if it were true, it surely would have been mentioned on ALL the press releases, and (3) we suspect that if Ms. Kazan were to write a theater piece about a female singer, she would have written about someone that she or, possibly, her daughter, Jennifer, could have played. We spoke to Ms. Kazan on Wednesday, and she assures us that she has never written a story about Billie Holiday, has nothing whatsoever to do with COLABO, and, until our call, had never heard of them or "Troy Adams," who seems to be leading the pack. One of the as yet unpaid musicians suggested that the word "COLABO" may be Latin for "Con Men." We have to say that we are quite surprised, and more than a little disappointed, that Genevieve, who makes her home in Las Vegas and is a talented singer with, up until now, a decent reputation, would throw her musicians under the bus for these COLABO folks who have no vested interest in this city and could be gone from here as quickly as they came. Genevieve continues on with this project, leaving the music makers (some who have already abandoned the sinking ship) to fend for themselves. Shame on her.

It has long been Cousin Claire's opinion that, in addition to very young children and small animals, entertainers (including musicians) may be among the most abused, victimized and taken-advantage-of segment of the world's population. There are some people who should come with warning labels. We have a list of them, accumulated over our more than 30 years in Las Vegas. COLABO and company have now been added to the list. The MO is pretty much the same - empty promises, delivered by delusional people with over-inflated egos. Out-and-out thievery Folks claiming to be people they aren't, or claiming to be related to people they had no connection to. People creating a fictional history and claiming credit for things they never did. Some even who use the guise of legitimate and illegitimate charitable organizations to try and give credibility and respectability where none is earned or deserved. We have heard, and seen, it all. Some of these scoundrels have gotten caught with their hands in someone else's cookie jar (or bank account). Maybe those hands got slapped, maybe they didn't. As this city continues to grow, and as the rest of the world sees, hears and reads things depicting Las Vegas as the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the rats will continue to come here, looking for a fast buck and not caring who gets damaged in the process. It may take a little longer to get wise to them, as it is easier to hide in a city of two-million people than it was, say, in the 1960s and 1970s, when everyone knew everyone and could more easily compare notes. As for this COLABO bunch, we suggest caution on the part of any performer who values their reputation. We also suggest that, as an entertainer, if you are willing to take a chance on these people, get the CASH (or at least a deposit) up front before wasting time and energy, not to mention gasoline, at rehearsals and MAYBE performances. If you are a potential ticket buyer, we suggest using a major credit card so that, just in case the show is canceled, you can dispute the charges and get a refund. You have been warned.

* * * * * *

Last weekend's Ribbon of Life show was their most successful yet. Golden Rainbow's 22nd annual production generated about $300,000 to help Southern Nevadans affected by HIV/AIDS. Approximately 1,500 audience members watched hundreds of performers, from the Strip's major shows, dance, sing and display their many talents during the two day fundraiser. Covering Hollywood, the Heartland and Broadway, A Musical Journey presented many outstanding performances on the stage of the Le Theatre Des Arts at Paris Las Vegas. We don't want to omit anyone, as all of the performers deserve a tremendous amount of credit (they rehearse before and after their work over many weeks), but some of our favorite musical numbers included Muppet Mania, choreographed and directed by Brigid Little Griebel and featuring the babies and toddlers of many show people; The Devil Went Down to Georgia, with singer Chris Coyne and violists, Nina DiGregorio, Adrienne Schreiner and Denitza Judd of Bella Rumore; A Tribute to Bob Fosse; and You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray. We missed what had become a real Golden Rainbow crowd-pleaser, the number from the Will Rogers Follies, featuring many of Vegas' pioneer dancers, but we welcomed The Hot Flash Hoofers, featuring a group of talented tapping seniors. The real crowd-pleaser on Sunday, resulting in plenty of shouting and a standing ovation, was the cast of Mamma Mia! dissing all things Cirque in You Gotta Get a Cirque Show (sung to the tune of You Gotta Get a Gimmick from Gypsy. Very clever and great fun, with much of the credit going to Greg Kata who wrote the lyrics and directed and choreographed the number. Special mention goes to the two "Strip Stars" who participated on both days, John O'Hurley, the star of Spamalot at Wynn Las Vegas, and George Wallace who breaks up audiences during his late night shows at the Flamingo. O'Hurley, dressed in brown as a UPS delivery man (those too tight very short shorts were worth the ticket price to see the show), did a very funny bit to the song Bend and Snap!, from Broadway's Legally Blonde. As for comic Wallace, not only did he do a very well received monologue, he invited the show attendees to use their ticket stubs to come see his show...for free, AND he gave a personal check for $5000 to Golden Rainbow. We be thinkin', that was a very nice thing for Mr. Wallace to do. Congratulations to all.

* * * * * *

Gerry McCambridge & Michelle

Lorna Luft

Phil Flowers

We helped the amazing Gerry McCambridge celebrate a couple of milestone events last night. On June 7th, McCambridge, best known as The Mentalist, did his 500th show in Las Vegas (in the three years he has been here, prior to his association with Hooters, he had respectable runs at both the Rampart and the Stardust), and on the 11th, he marked his one year anniversary at the East Tropicana hotel/casino. The media and invited guests had a great time and, with new "tricks" and a new (to us) Vegas backdrop added, enjoyed seeing McCambridge at work for a second or third or fourth time, just as much as they did the first time they saw him...maybe more. At the end of the performance, Gerry's lovely family, his wife Kim McCambridge and four of his six children - Scott McCambridge, 17; Ronny Louis McCambridge, 7; JoAnn Conchetta McCambridge, 5; and Luke Vegas McCambridge, 3 (lovingly referred to as "Gerry's kids") - joined him onstage in the Night Owl Showroom, while Hooters Chief Operating Officer, Gary Gregg, presented the entertainer with a beautiful diamond Rolex watch as a thank you for his year of sold out shows. Good going, Gerry. For tickets to The Mentalist, call (866) 584-6687.

* * * * * *

He may be gone from Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular, but Brent Barrett is not spending much time sipping lemonade in his Las Vegas backyard. Next Saturday, on June 28th, he performs Bernstein's Broadway in the Kennedy Center's cabaret performance series as part of legendary Barbara Cook's Spotlight. Bernstein's Broadway is the same show Brent did in Barcelona last June, during time off from Phantom. As Washington, D.C.'s Kennedy Center was the last stop on the pre-Broadway tour of his first Broadway show, West Side Story, Barrett felt it would be fitting to salute Leonard Bernstein, the composer of the West Side Story score. Hailed for his glorious tenor voice, in addition to his two-year starring role in Phantom, and his Great White Way debut in West Side Story, Brent has also appeared in Chicago, Annie Get Your Gun, and Kiss Me, Kate. Closing out the Spotlight season, Barrett's concert is sure to entertain with a variety of Broadway classics and more. Performed in the Terrace Theater at the Kennedy Center, the show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $45. For reservations, call (800) 444-1324 or (202) 467-4600.

* * * * * *

This weekend, tonight through Sunday, June 22nd, the Suncoast presents singer/actress Lorna Luft in their 500-seat showroom. Often overshadowed by her mother (Judy Garland) and sister (Liza Minnelli), it was Garland herself who said it was Lorna who was the real singer in the family. In what might be the longest show title to try and squeeze onto a Las Vegas marquee, Ms. Luft calls her current revue (take a deep breath), Lorna Luft Celebrates Her Mother Judy Garland ,The Legend - The Music - The Memories "Songs My Mother Taught Me." Could we make this up? Personally, we think the previous show name, the simple, easy to remember, Songs My Mother Taught Me, is quite enough. We weren't crazy about the title, Wohscigam, that magician Brett Daniels' chose for his recent show at the Sahara either. That show disappeared faster then blond magic man Hans Klok's assistant/co-star (what was her name?), so maybe folks should listen to us. Lorna Luft's career has encompassed virtually every area of entertainment. As a celebrated live performer, stage, film and television actress, best selling author, recording artist and Emmy-nominated producer, Lorna continues to triumph in every medium, with critics labeling her one of the most vibrant, versatile and exciting artists on stage today. As the daughter of the legendary Judy Garland and producer Sid Luft (and half-sister to Liza Minnelli), music and entertainment was an integral part of Lorna's childhood. At age 11, she made her television debut singing on her mother's TV series, The Judy Garland Show. At 16, and already a seasoned performer, she shared the bill with her mom on Broadway in a fabled month-long concert engagement at New York's famed Palace Theater. By 19, Lorna was starring on Broadway in Neil Simon's hit musical Promises, Promises. She continued on the New York stage as "Peppermint Patty" in the musical Snoopy and then took a dramatic turn alongside Farrah Fawcett in Extremities. She also starred as Miss Adelaide in Jerry Zak's world tour production of Guys and Dolls. In 1998 Lorna added a new dimension to her multi-faceted career. She became a NY Times best-selling author upon the release of her critically acclaimed memoir Me and My Shadows. It was optioned by ABC Television and broadcast as a four-hour miniseries starring Judy Davis. Lorna served as Co-Executive Producer on Life with Judy Garland: Me & My Shadows which won five Emmy Awards (including one for Judy Davis) and garnered the highest ratings of the season. One of her most ambitious projects to date is the highly acclaimed multi-media production Songs My Mother Taught Me – A Celebration of the Music of Judy Garland. This theatrical extravaganza melds one of the world's most familiar songbooks with personal memories of a loving daughter. Songs My Mother Taught Me, which Variety called "a rousing, dramatically riveting musical event," was awarded two Los Angeles Theatrical Alliance Ovation Awards for Best World Premiere Musical & Best Musical Direction. The Los Angeles Times called Lorna's performance "heart-stopping and thrilling – an incandescent revelation not to be missed." In addition, Lorna is a favorite of Jerry Herman. She appeared in the star-studded musical tribute to the Tony and Grammy Award-winning composer/lyricist, Jerry Herman's Broadway at the Hollywood Bowl (available on DVD), along with performers such as Bea Arthur, Carol Channing, Michael Feinstein, David Gaines, George Hearn, Angela Lansbury, Rita Moreno, Karen Morrow, Lee Roy Reams and Leslie Uggams. See Lorna in the 450-seat Suncoast Showroom, tonight, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30. Tickets are priced from $19.95 plus tax, and can be purchased by calling the box office at 702-636-7075.

And speaking of the Suncoast, last month, Teru Pritchard of 29 Palms, California, who drove to Las Vegas with two friends to participate in the two-day Mega Bash Bingo event, won a $100,000 coverall jackpot at the Suncoast Casino and Hotel.

* * * * * *

Hats!, which had been playing at Harrah's and was announced to be closing on July 10th, instead closed last night, with very little warning. People (like Cousin Claire and friends) had planned to see the show early in July. Those "He (or she) who hesitates is lost" and "You snooze, you lose" sayings, seem to apply in this case. We hesitated while we snoozed, and we missed the musical about the famed Red Hat Ladies. And so it goes.

* * * * * *

From traveling Sami, who spends much time in Washington, D.C., Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Southern Virginia, comes this e-mail...

Dear Ms. Claire Voyant,
One of my favorite entertainers is Phil Flowers. I know that he performs in Vegas, but I don't know where. Could you please tell me where I can find him?

(Signed) Sami

Sure, Sami. Answering readers questions, when we can, is part of our job. Although he now makes his home in Las Vegas, Mr. Flowers spends much of his time at sea, entertaining on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. However, if you happen to be in Las Vegas on Saturday, June 28th at 6 p.m., Sami, Phil Flowers will pay tribute to the late Luther Vandross in a show at the Horn Theatre on the campus of the College of Southern Nevada, 3200 E. Cheyenne in North Las Vegas. Appearing with Flowers will be Skip Martin from Kool and the Gang. There will be a Red Carpet ceremony from 6 to 7:30 p.m., with the show following at 8 p.m. Tickets are $30, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Sons of Erin. For additional information and reservations, call (702) 439-0384. You can check Phil's Web site by going to You're welcome, Sami.

* * * * * *

Roy W. Butler's Afternoon Breeze

Diane Ellis

Jeanne Brei

"One of my greatest passions in life is simply people watching," says sculptor Roy W. Butler. A genuine student of life, Butler is passionately devoted to his art and possessed with a rare talent for creating sensitive and moving images that touch the soul. "I can sit and watch people involved in any activity for hours and hours. We're all the same but still different and that fascinates me," says Butler. "I also believe the human body is one of the most beautiful creations in the universe, aside from a beautiful sunset". Growing up in rural Tennessee, Butler began developing his artistic and technical talents at an early age. When money allowed, much time was spent assembling model kits, mostly automotive. During high school, Roy heard of a national competition sponsored by General Motors in which entrants had to totally design and hand build 1/12th precision scale automobiles of the future. These were not store bought kits but automobiles created from components fabricated by each entrant. During the three years he was eligible to enter, Roy won nationally recognized awards each time. His talents were also devoted to drawing. "I used to spend so much time drawing that I would run out of sketch pads and my mother would often hide the kitchen paper towels," says Butler. The word spread of his artistic ability and a local contractor commissioned a full color, watercolor rendering of a home which was submitted to a national manufacturer. Several months later, the rendering appeared in a Life magazine advertisement. Roy was 16-years-old. As his self-taught talents evolved, creative interests developed into a successful career combining art of the human form, fine art sculpture, painting, photography, computer graphics and architectural design. In 1988, Butler, who is now a Las Vegas resident, found his true passion for people through lifecasting; a medium of sculpture often utilized by renown sculptors such as John DeAndrea, George Segal and J. Seward Johnson. Creating life sculptures is more than art, capturing the essence of each unique individual and allowing their true inner spirit to emerge. Butler says, "Lifecasting is an art form that allows me to combine creative and technical skills into producing works of art that accurately replicate the visual sensation of human life." His demand for the highest degree of quality and excellence of work shows in every piece, allowing the art to be an important archival and heirloom resource. Mr. Butler's fine art sculpting credits include national historical monuments archived with the Smithsonian. A number of prominent people also have Butler pieces in their collections, among them, Vernon Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey's father) and actor Matthew Lillard, featured in the Scream movies. Next Friday, June 27th, Boulder City, Nevada, will officially welcome a new Roy Butler bronze to their impressive public sculpture collection. Called Afternoon Breeze, the life-size piece depicts a woman of that era, dressed in authentic 1930s clothing and accessories, doing her best to keep her hat from blowing off her head and down the street. Butler's Afternoon Breeze now has a permanent home at the corner of Nevada Way and Arizona Street. Beginning at 6 p.m., and starting from the historical Boulder City Hotel, a walking tour will give art and culture lovers the opportunity to see many new displays spread over a two block area. Take your camera, as this display offers plenty of Kodak moments.

* * * * * *

A week from this Sunday (on June 29th), the Performing Arts Society of Nevada will present the Michael Dubay Quintet's Element of Jazz at the Clark County Library Theater, 1401 E. Flamingo. The program will feature a variety of instrumental numbers, from Latin to Blues to Swing, along with vocals and dancing. Performing will be Michael Dubay, Joe Malone, Jonathan Rem, Miguel Rodriguez, Gil Kaup, Annette Verdolino and Tim Searcy. Those two wild and crazy (and singing) guys, Tony (Arias) and Lloyd (Ziel) will serves as masters of ceremony. The show starts at 2 p.m. and tickets are $15. Call (702) 658-6741 to order, or purchase tickets at the library box office an hour before show time.

* * * * * *

Birthday wishes to some of our favorite Gemini personalities...Jerri (Mrs. Prince) Spencer, Tom Gallagher, Rich Affannato, Sarasue Essenpreis, LaToya Jackson and her sister Rebbie Jackson (they share May 29th birthdays), Diane Ellis, Marvin Hamlisch, Sam Harris, Michael LaRocca, Nicholas Pomeranz, Eric Floyd, Kenny Mazlow, Mel Carter, Nate Tannenbaum, Joe LaVigna, Jeanne Brei, Sandy Hackett and Merrick Wolfe. Anniversary wishes to Eric Floyd and Wanda Dee Floyd, and Jim and Jan Seagrave.

And speaking of Diane Ellis, the lady who came here from Boston in 1979, has decided to give up her day gig to return to what she loves, the spotlight and singing. In the 1980s, Diane, along with Joey Lomello, Danny Calico, Corky DiFini and Bob Lyman, made up a popular vocal group called Chazz. When the group dissolved, Diane and Danny became D'Cal (a combination of their names, Danny Calico and Diane Calderone, Diane's maiden name). In years since, Diane, as a single, opened for Don Rickles, was cast in the Las Vegas version of Beach Blanket Babylon (the long running San Francisco revue played here at the Sands), Bill Moore and George Arnold's Broadway Varieties, and was a 10 year employee at the Excalibur where she was a Royal Court Singer and, along with Dolly Coulter, Steven Cowart and Janice Sands, a member of the harmony group, Vocalese. In addition to Rickles, Diane has shared the stage with Allen & Rossi, The Four Freshmen, Robert Goulet and Joe Williams. When Diane was working, it was not unusual to see Redd Foxx in the audience. In addition to her vocal skills, Ellis is adept at comedy and is a sought after voiceover actress. Her takeoff on Lucille Ball has garnered her private party and convention work. Give this girl a job!

And speaking of Jeanne Brei, she appeared on Tuesday's episode of the new reality show, Master of Dance. The premise of Master of Dance has six contestants face off against each other, dancing freestyle. As they are performing, the music stops and changes mid-song. The dancers then have to change dance styles. The one who adapts the best wins the round. Competitors are eliminated one by one. The last one left standing is declared the winner. On June 25th, Jeanne will celebrate both her June birthday and the debut of her new CD, at a party at Bugsy's Supper Club in Las Vegas!

* * * * * *

Ronnie Rose reports that on Thursday, June 26th, he and the Slick Willie Orchestra will be back at the new, growing in popularity, Louis Fish Camp Restaurant, located at the Town Square Mall on Las Vegas Blvd. South. Rose, who sings primarily blues and classic R & B and also plays blues harmonica, is joined by an eight piece band (Tommy Alvarado on sax, Steve Meyers on trombone, Joel Richman on drums, and other guest professionals) for the 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. gig. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the Town Square Mall, behind the Rave movie theater. So, go, have a nice meal and enjoy the sounds of Ronnie Rose and SWO. Tell them Cousin Claire sent you.

* * * * * *

Meredith Vieira

Rebekah Raun

Mac King

The popular game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, hosted by Emmy Award-winning host Meredith Vieira, will be holding contestant auditions in Las Vegas at the Cannery Casino & Hotel (2121 East Craig Road, North Las Vegas), on Wednesday, June 25th, from 7 to 11 a.m. Auditions will take place in The Club, located in the Casino, next to the Buffet (the audition line will form to the right of The Club entrance). The show is seeking people who are smarter than a fifth grader for the fourth installment of "Netflix Million Dollar Movie Week," a specialty show featuring movie-themed questions. Those auditioning will also be given the opportunity to try out for a regular episode of the hit game show's upcoming seventh season. Millionaire is also looking for engaged couples who would like to appear as a team for "Wedding Week," as well as for "Famous Names Week," a new specialty series that will showcase ordinary people who share their name with a famous person; "Halloween Week," featuring Halloween enthusiasts wearing their best Halloween costumes; and "Three Generations," a new family series that will, for the first time, allow a three person team - grandparent, parent and child - in the hot seat (all three team members must audition for this series). Auditions consist of a timed multiple-choice test and for those people who pass, a short interview with a Millionaire producer. Testing sessions will start at 7 a.m., with the last session beginning at 11 a.m. Those who pass the audition test(s) will be given a specific time to return in the afternoon (between 12:30 and 4 p.m.) for an interview with a Millionaire producer. Those interested in taking the audition test will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis. Pre-registration is not required. Audition space is limited and will not be guaranteed to everyone who shows up. You must be at least 18 years old (except for the "Three Generations" series), a U.S. resident and meet all eligibility requirements to audition. You must also bring a picture ID to your audition. Complete official rules can be found at Las Vegas was one of only six cities chosen for traveling auditions for the upcoming seventh season of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Producers will also travel to Sacramento, CA (Monday, June 23rd), Atlanta, GA (Friday, June 27th), Minneapolis, MN (Monday, August 11th), Detroit, MI (Wednesday, August 13th) and Washington, D.C. (Friday, August 15th). Who Wants To Be A Millionaire can be seen in Las Vegas on Channel 13 (KTNV/ABC), weekdays at 11:30 a.m., and week nights at 7:30 p.m.

* * * * * *

Dancers from the cast of Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular are offering some HOPE for families in crisis through a dance concert, HOPE: An Afternoon of Classical Ballet. Erina Noda and Rebekah Raun (Artistic Directors/Repetiteur/Lead Dancers) have announced that HOPE will include excerpts from Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere, Carmina Burana, La Boheme and Carmen. Also appearing will be singers from the cast of Phantom. This one day concert event will benefit Family Promise of Las Vegas, a local non-profit organization that assists Las Vegas homeless families to get off the streets and back into homes. It will take place on Saturday, July 5th at 2 p.m. in the Clark County Library Theater, on Flamingo Road just east of Maryland Parkway. A donation of $20 per person will help families in need throughout the entire year! Tickets to this afternoon of music and dance are very limited. They may be purchased at . (Video clips of rehearsals are also available at this site.) For reservations or more information, call (702) 245-0992.

* * * * * *

Fab Four Live, the No. 1 Beatles tribute show, has opened at the V Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Fab Four Live features the most talented and awarded Beatles tribute artists in the world - Steve Craig as John, Tony Kishman as Paul, Glenn McCallum as George, and Tony Felecita as Ringo. As an added touch of reality, there is also an Ed Sullivan character, portrayed by Paul Terry. In the early part of the show, Fab Four Live performs music from the early '60s albums including Revolver, A Hard Days Night, and Rubber Soul. Following a quick costume change, the artists return to the stage with songs from the psychedelic era, including the hits Sergeant Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, and Yellow Submarine, followed by Abbey Road and Let It Be. It's as if John, Paul, George, and Ringo are back in Las Vegas again. And they said the Beatles would never perform together again! Fab Four Live rocks the V Theater Fridays through Wednesdays (dark Thursdays) at 5:30 p.m. Tickets start at $49.00. For reservations, call the V Theater Box Office at (702) 932-1818 or purchase online at

* * * * * *

Comedian/magician Mac King will team up with the North Las Vegas Library District this summer to host a magic show for students taking part in the Summer Reading Club program. Tomorrow (June 21st), King will make guest appearances at the North Las Vegas Library and Aliante Library to promote children's literacy and encourage participation in the program. King, an advocate for children's literacy, works with Optimists International as a spokesperson for the organization's Junior Optimists Octagon International JOOI of Reading program. Locally, King hosts the annual Mac King Book Drive and volunteers to read and perform at local public schools. In addition he is the creator of Mac King's Magic in a Minute, which includes a line of magic kits, books, toys and products, and a nationally syndicated weekly comic strip. King's visit to the North Las Vegas Library, 2300 Civic Center Drive, will take place at 9:30 a.m. At 11 a.m., he will be at the Aliante Library, 2400 Deer Springs Way in North Las Vegas. King performs at Harrah's Las Vegas in The Mac King Comedy Magic Show, voted "Best Bargain Show" by the 2008 Las Vegas Review-Journal readers' poll, Tuesdays through Saturdays at 1 and 3 p.m.

* * * * * *

The ladies of ABC's The View will broadcast from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, from June 23rd through the 27th. Among the guests scheduled for the week are American Idol's Top 2 men, David Cook and David Archuleta, Jessica Simpson, Bette Midler, and Vegas bred, Jimmy Kimmel. Don't' call us for tickets.

* * * * * *

Bet we weren't the only ones who, when they saw the headline in the Entertainment section of Wednesday's Las Vegas Review-Journal stating "Holmes' Broadway debut set," thought it was referring to CLINT Holmes. With his bio-musical, Just Another Man, waiting in the wings, it certainly could have been Clint the Associated Press was writing about. Alas, it was another Holmes. Katie Holmes, actually. The wife of actor Tom Cruise, Katie will make her Broadway debut in Arthur Miller's All My Sons when the drama officially opens at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on October 16th. The play is scheduled to run through January 11th.

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