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Note: This is a past column from November 21, 2011
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Las Vegas - November 21, 2011

David Hasselhoff & Hayley Roberts on AMA Red Carpet

DO Hassel the Hoff

We have never done a Breaking News item before, but this couldn't wait until our after-Thanksgiving-column on December 2nd.

On November 11th we wrote...
The Hoff is the schedule in The Orleans showroom, that is. We learned yesterday that David Hasselhoff’s dates at The Orleans, scheduled for next weekend, have been canceled. This was a four-wall deal, which means that the performer "rents" the room and makes their money based on the number of tickets sold. Although no reason for the cancellation was announced, we have our own theory...and it has nothing to do with Boyd Gaming who owns The Orleans. We suspect that lack of pre-publicity, due, we feel, to The Hoff’s New York rep dropping the ball, resulted in poor early ticket sales. Someone probably got nervous and opted to cancel, rather than take the chance on three nights of low numbers. We don’t buy the "he got a movie offer" excuse. If, in fact, a movie offer did come up, requiring Hasselhoff to start immediately (highly unlikely), we are pretty sure the movie crew would have understood and gone along with the "Hey, you guys, I have a weekend of shows, my first as a Vegas headliner, scheduled. I can start on Monday, the 21st." Instead, the cancellation, one week before the engagement, leaving the hotel no chance to promote a last-minute replacement. As a result, the showroom at The Orleans will probably be dark for three nights next weekend.

Here is the follow up...

CAUGHT IN THE ACT...Just not the RIGHT act!
A message to David Hasselhoff - If you are going to try and pull a fast one, you need to cover your tracks a little better. We had a feeling that all was not as stated when The Hoff cancelled his weekend at The Orleans only eight days before he was to open. The excuse given was that David got an offer to do a movie in Europe...immediately. We never bought that story. Our feeling was that a professional, which we thought Mr. Hasselhoff was, would explain, to whoever, that he had a commitment in Las Vegas, from last Friday, the 18th through Sunday the 20th, and could start the film on Monday the 21st. Instead, he chose not to show up here, leaving the Orleans showroom with three dark nights on a weekend. So, where does The Hoff show up last night (Sunday, November 20th)? Not in Las Vegas, where he was supposed to be. Not on a movie set in Europe, where his representative indicated he was going to be. Nope. The Hoff was at the American Music Awards, walking the Red Carpet, and dancing in his SpongeBob SquarePants underwear on front of a TV audience made up of millions. It would be our suggestion to ANY Vegas property who might think of booking him in the future, that they collect a large, non-refundable deposit, as it is apparent that this man seems to have misplaced his professional ethics. Shame on him. Snapper Foster would never have done anything like this.

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