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Note: This is a past column from November 09, 2012
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Las Vegas - November 9, 2012

Sidro Garcia

Due to some inadequate proofing and rushed editing in last Friday's column, Cousin Claire made an awful mistake. In a long sentence on the October 27th passing of 54-year-old musician, Mark Adams, we made a change in the order of names we used to indicate the bands and performers that Adams worked with over the years. We wrote, "Starting in the '80s, he played with the city's top bands and performers, including the late Sidro's Armada, Tex Richardson, Freddie Bell, Lola Falana, Jeneane Marie, Denise Clemente, Bill DeLoach, Sonny Turner, Wayne Newton, Loretta Holloway, Engelbert Humperdinck, Kristine and The Sting, Anita Sarawak, Tony Tillman, Darcus Speed, Lena Prima and David Van Such." The list SHOULD have read "...the late Tex Richardson, Sidro's Armada, Freddie Bell, etc..." Our most sincere apologies to Sidro Garcia and his family, friends and fans. We are more than happy to let you know that the talented Mr. Garcia, who was a longtime close friend of Mark's, is very much alive and well, and continues to perform around Nevada with his popular band, Sidro's Armada. The Armada has upcoming dates at the Nugget in Pahrump November 23rd and 24th, and December 28th through 31st, and at the Rainbow in Wendover December 18th through 23rd.

* * * * * * * *

Tony n' Tina's Wedding

Yesterday was a busy one for us - both early and late. In the daytime, we joined the approximately 85 people at the Italian American Club on East Sahara for the monthly F.I.O.R.E. (Fun Italians Organizing Ridiculous Events) luncheon. This was the largest turnout of people for a "non-holiday" F.I.O.R.E. event. With just a couple of hours to regroup, we were among the audience members at Tony n' Tina's Wedding in the evening. Running in Las Vegas since 2001, when it opened at the Rio, the wedding fun currently takes place at Bally's, in the second floor space that formerly housed the hotel's buffet. The room with a wonderful view, and Tony n' Tina, appear to be a very good match. We will have more about both of these events, along with a photo or two, next Friday.

* * * * * * * *

Joey and Vanessa Pero

Day of the Dead Sugar Skills

As we mentioned last Friday, there were two very important events happening in Las Vegas on that day. The first was the wedding of Joseph Michael Pero and Vanessa Gisel Guerra, who chose November 2nd for their union, because it was The Day of the Dead, and the 26th wedding anniversary of Joe's parents, Danny and Liz Pero. The ceremony, performed by the groom's childhood friend, Eric Murphy, took place in the back yard of the Pero's Henderson home. At first glance, the Mexican custom of Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, may sound much like the U.S. custom of Halloween. The celebration traditionally starts a day or so after October 31st, and the festivities are abundant in images related to death. But the customs have different origins, and their attitudes toward death are different. In the typical Halloween festivities, death is something to be feared. But in día de los muertos, death, or at least the memories of those who have died, is something to be celebrated. El día de los muertos, which continues until November 2nd, has become one of the biggest holidays in Mexico. Celebrations are becoming more common in areas of the United States with a large Hispanic population. Specifics of the celebration vary with region, but one of the most common customs is the making of elaborate altars to welcome departed spirits home. Vigils are held, and families often go to cemeteries to fix up the graves of their departed relatives. Festivities also frequently include traditional foods and symbols, such as Sugar skulls, tamales, and spirits (the alcoholic kind) - these are things you might find on homemade altars to entice those who've passed to the other side back for a visit. The altars, built in homes and around tombstones, are for Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, a tradition originating in central Mexico on Nov. 1 and 2. The Aztecs developed the ritual some 3,000 years ago because they believed one should not grieve the loss of a beloved ancestor who passed. Instead, the Aztecs celebrated their lives and welcomed the return of their spirits to the land of the living once a year. That's where the food, drink and music ofrendas, or offerings, come in. Everything on an altar has special meaning, and if you want to try this at home, we've decoded the elaborate altar created for the Smithsonian. Of course, many people who celebrate this holiday will pick and choose from among these symbolic items. Sugar skulls: Elaborately decorated skulls are crafted from pure sugar and given to friends as gifts. The colorful designs represent the vitality of life and individual personality. Food: The ancestor's favorite meals are placed on the altar as offerings. Here, tamale is being served. Tamales are made from corn-based dough, wrapped in corn husk, then steamed. They are filled with a variety of ingredients like shredded chicken in a green spicy sauce or sweetened with pineapple-cinnamon jellies. Pan de Muertos: Semisweet breads are baked in the shape of bones, and dusted with sugar. They're also meant to represent the soil. Seeds: Pumpkin seeds or amaranth seeds are offered as snacks for the visiting ancestral spirit. In pre-Columbian times, Aztecs used amaranth seeds instead of sugar to make the skulls. Alcohol: Bottles are offered to toast the arrival of the ancestors. In pre-Columbian times, pulque, a beverage made from sap of maguey or agave plant was reserved for special spiritual ceremonies. Today, any alcoholic beverage favored by the dead can be used to toast. Monarch butterfly: These butterflies, which migrate to Mexico each fall, were believed to be the spirits of the ancestors coming to visit. Photographs: Images of loved ones who have died are placed on the altar. This photograph shows Teodomiro Nrquiola. His great-grand son, Luis Alipaz, placed it on an altar at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. Papel picado: Delicately decorated tissue paper represents wind and the fragility of life. Dogs and Candles: Dogs were believed to guide the ancestral spirits to their final resting place in the afterlife. Candles represent fire and are a light guiding them back to visit the land of the living. And, yes, Yossarian and Brooklyn, the dogs of the newlyweds, were present for the ceremony.

Jason Gould

Roslyn Kind

And then, there was that concert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, featuring Barbra Streisand, who, according to the critics and audience, was at the top of her game. Barbra was joined by trumpeter Chris Botti, and the Italian teenage boy band, Il Volo, along with two of Babs' family members, her son Jason Gould, and her sister, Roslyn Kind. Many people were surprised to learn that Jason, whose father is actor Elliott Gould, sang. He joined his mother on stage for a duet of Irving Berlin's "How Deep Is the Ocean" during her recent Las Vegas concert, and performed "Nature Boy" and "The Masquerade" solo. As for Rozzie, the fact that she sings does not come as a surprise to many of the fans who attend her performances and buy her recordings. Barbra's talented younger sister joined in a "Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again" medley, recreating the duet done by Barbra and Judy Garland, on Garland's TV show in the early 1960s. Roslyn performed at the North Las Vegas Cannery four years ago, charming the audience, not only with her talent, but her warm stage presence as well. A return visit to Southern Nevada is overdue for the delightful Ms. Kind. Anybody listening?

Also making a very impressive showing during the final part of Streisand's Las Vegas concert, was Michelle Johnson's Desert Angels Choir. Joining Johnson, the choirs' founder and director, a choir backed up the 70-year-old, Oscar, Grammy Award-winner on stage for "Make Our Garden Grow" and "Somewhere." The Desert Angels, raising their voices in song, were Johnson (Nunsense, The Tonight Show, Paul McCartney, Sonny Turner, Sheena Easton, David Foster, Gladys Knight, Elton John, Donny and Marie, David Cassidy); conductor/composer Bill Fayne (former musical director for Clint Holmes, Las Vegas Tenors, Showstoppers); rehearsal pianist Don Everett (former musical director for Shirley Jones); and singers, Lorena Peril (star of Fantasy at the Luxor), Lisa Mack (Menopause the Musical at the Luxor), Joey Singer (musical director for Debbie Reynolds and a singer in his own right), Ron Smith (National Tours of The Music Man and 42nd Street), Keith Blake (with Sonny Turner, former lead singer of The Platters), Cyndi Lee (Donn Arden's Jubilee!, Sonny Charles and the Emeralds), Kellie Wright Walker (Donn Arden's Jubilee!, Bottoms Up, Sweeny Todd), Elisa Furr, Cynthia Abney and Amy Solomon (Sweeney Todd at the Onyx Theatre), Margaret Menzies Gonzales (Dangerous Curves, Nunsense), Amanda Kaiser (Nunsense, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas), Kathryn Arianoff (Nunsense), Lisa Smith (Shades of Sinatra, Dangerous Curves), Jay Joseph and Jeneane Marie (I Know I Came in Here for Something), Robin Berry Vincent (Swing City Dolls, Nunsense), Janice Sands (who has sung with David Foster, Jeffrey Osborne, Michael McDonald, and Martina McBride), Jeff Celentano (Fifth Avenue, Good Vibrations, Frank Caliendo band), Tim Searcy (Guys and Dolls with Clifton Davis and Leslie Uggams, Your Arms Too Short To Box With God with Jennifer Holiday and Stephanie Mills, Lola Falana, Splash, Abracadabra, Legends in Concert), Lou DeMeis (Tropicana's Mob Experience), Patty Janura (The Emeralds, Kristine W., Kool and the Gang), Mickki Brown (Quincy Jones, Patti Austin, Chaka Khan, Phil Collins, Wayne Newton), Denita Asberry (Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner in Legends in Concert), Denise Clemente (The Tonight Show, Jerry Lewis Telethon, Merv Griffin, Henry Shead), Dolly Coulter (Country Tonight, Killian's Angels, Tony n' Tina's Wedding, Bottoms Up, Lola Falana, Juliet Prowse, Nunsense), Natalie Carson (Swing City Dolls, Viva Las Vegas, Honky Tonk Angels, Legends In Concert), Heidi Thompson (Cher impersonator, Legends in Concert, The Nanny, The View, Ellen DeGeneres), David Freeman (composer, arranger, pianist, and flutist/album Symphonic Allusions), Ken Keating (William Hall Master Chorale, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Boston Pops, Carol Burnett, Hal Linden), and Josh Keating, Ken's Son, (Andre Agassi's Grand Slam to Stardom, An Evening With Tony Bennett And The Stars). Barbra Streisand closed her spectacular Vegas evening with Artie Butler and Phyllis Molinary's beautiful, "Here's To Life."

* * * * * * * *

Vintage Don Hill

Pete Barbutti

Dennis N. Griffin's new entertainment book, House Party Tonight - The Career of the Legendary Saxophonist Don Hill, has just been released. House Party Tonight chronicles the career Don Hill and The Treniers, and is told in words and pictures. The Treniers, pioneers of rock and roll, were one of the longest running musical groups in history, performing continuously from 1948 through 2003. They played all across the United States, from Los Angeles to Boston, Chicago, New York, Miami, Atlantic City and all points in between. But their favorite venue was always Las Vegas, where they were a staple in the casino lounges for decades. A black group, early in their career many of the establishments they performed in were white-only, and The Treniers had to be escorted into and out of the venue by a white person. But the discrimination of those early days didn't stop them. They persevered, and became one of the most sought after groups in America and beyond. Legendary saxophonist, Don Hill, played with famous bandleaders, such as Louis Armstrong and Gerald Wilson, before becoming a founding member of The Treniers. He was still a member of the group when they finally disbanded in 2003. Today, at the age of 91, Don is still playing that sax and, believe it or not, the sweet sounds are as impressive today as they were 54 years ago. He can be seen and heard around Las Vegas, at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay and at the Italian American Club. Don tells his fascinating and remarkable story in House Party Tonight, which is supplemented with dozens of photos taken over the years. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in rock and roll, black entertainment history, and Las Vegas . The book can be ordered through Houdini Publishing, at

* * * * * * * *

We were very sorry to learn that one of our favorite musical comedy revues, Society of Seven with Jasmine Trias, has quietly ended its run at the Riviera. Hopefully, they will find another Las Vegas stage to call home very soon. This is a group that should be working here. Stay tuned.

* * * * * * * *

On Sunday, November 11th at 2 p.m., UNLV's Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall will be the site of the 2012 Joe Williams Scholarship Fund Concert. The concert will benefit students in the Jazz Studies program at UNLV. Students who have received scholarships are outstanding musicians, working in a variety of venues in Las Vegas and throughout the United States. Students are selected on the basis of talent and financial need. Without the scholarships, worthy students could not complete their education. This concert program was initiated by legendary jazz vocalist, Joe Williams, in 1989. Over the years, it has featured many top performers, including Robert Goulet, Jack Jones, Buddy Greco, Bob Anderson, Domenick Allen, Artie Butler, Ruth Brown, DeeDee Bridgewater, Clint Holmes, Bill Acosta, Julius LaRosa, Pete Barbutti, The Cunninghams, Cork Proctor and the Jimmy Wilkins Orchestra. This Sunday's concert will feature the UNLV Jazz Ensemble I, directed by David Loeb, Nathan Tanouye, with special guest host, comedian Pete Barbutti, plus Clint Holmes, Pia Zadora, Marlena Shaw, Earl Turner, Vincent Falcone, The Cunninghams, Sammy Shore, Ronnie Rose, and Laura Taylor. Grammy Award-winner Joe Williams, who passed away in 1999, was a Las Vegan for many years. Joe's widow, Jillean, still makes her home here. Sunday afternoon's show will include several surprise guests, and promises to be rewarding to the audience, as well as UNLV's Jazz Students. Tickets (tax deductible) are $20, and available at the UNLV Box Office. Call (702) 895-2787.

* * * * * * * *

Annie Gaybis as Eliza Doolittle

Bikers Help Toys For Tots

Theater critic Bob Feldheim, at, writes this about George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, playing for only four performances, November 15th through 18th at Florida's Palm Coast's City Repertory Theatre...
Forget "My Fair Lady" -- This is the Original Masterpiece In An Unforgettable Performance by a Cast of Super-Stars
A rare, not-to-be missed production of George Bernard Shaw's 1912 masterpiece, Pygmalion." (In ancient Greek mythology, Pygmalion fell in love with one of his sculptures that came to life.) It's only natural that audiences who are familiar with "My Fair Lady" mistakenly assume that this is much the same, minus the music. True, they do share a similar plotline: Professor of phonetics Henry Higgins wagers that he can train a bedraggled Cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, to pass for a duchess by teaching her to speak impeccably. But the characters are dramatically different, as are their actions, goals, and ultimately their relationship. Instead of Rex Harrison's delightfully charming Higgins, we have Robert Gill's pompous, heartless, egotistical prig. Hardly a nice guy. "When we're through with her, we can send her back to the gutter," he declares smugly to his sidekick, Colonel Pickering (Jack Wilbern). His is a constant stream of heartless harshness, pouring on withering descriptives such as "presumptuous insect" . . "impudent slut". . ."unfortunate animal" et al. And where theatre- and movie-goers remember the soft Julie Andrews' vulnerable, naive and lovely Eliza, we have Annie Gaybis giving another of her incredibly vivid performances. Her Eliza is explosive, driven, prideful, tough-as-nails, absolutely riveting. Their wordplay - Higgins v. Eliza - blows, howls and screeches with hurricane force. Rounding out the cast are Nancy Howell (remembered for her brilliance in "Agnes of God") as Mrs. Pearce; and Paul Hunt as Eliza's father. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, City Repertory Theatre is at 160 Cypress Pt. Parkway, Suite B 207, Palm Coast (City Market Place). Phone (386) 585-9415.

* * * * * * * *

More than 400 Marine Reservist, and active Marines, joined with members of various Las Vegas motorcycle clubs, in staging Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino's Fifth Annual United States Marine Corp's Toys For Tots drive. Railroad Pass employee, George Kale, along his wife, have been very instrumental in helping to organize these annual events. This year, the motorcycle run began at the Red Rock Harley-Davidson store, with the first stop at Railroad Pass, where each rider donated a gift. All new toys will be distributed to children in Southern Nevada. "This year was our fifth year of lending support to our Marine riders on their mission, of caring for children in need, within our valley," Curt Thompson, Director of Operations for Railroad Pass said." Las Vegas - the city with a heart.

* * * * * * * *

As the sun was setting across the Las Vegas desert earlier tonight, many of our favorite pop culture celebrities were rolling into town in preparation to meeting their fans at the Hollywood Show, to be held at the Las Vegas Hotel (LVH), formerly the Las Vegas Hilton. A myriad of iconic faces and names will be available for photos, autographs, or just to say hello. Fashioned by the infamous convention in Hollywood itself, the show is a trip down memory lane for all those who attend. Guests will be face-to-face with their favorite movie and TV celebrities, such Adrian Paul (Highlander), Felix Silla (The Addams Family), Jimmie Walker (Good Times) and Linda Blair (The Exorcist). Blair participates in this event as a fund-raiser for her animal rights foundation, World Heart, a unique safe haven for animals, providing top-quality, lifelong care to the animals it rescues. Additional guests scheduled to attend are Paul Michael Glaser and Antonio Fargas (Starsky & Hutch). While waiting to meet their favorite stars, fans can also catch a glimpse of the famous red Gran Torino car from Starsky & Hutch that will be on display during the day. "We are thrilled to be bringing our show to Las Vegas this year, many of our celebrities love this town and have wanted to make it easier on their fans to get the opportunity to meet them," says Dave Elkouby, Show Producer. Other Hollywood Show's in the past have featured Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar from TV's Batman. The casts of the American classics, The Waltons and The Brady Bunch, and famous faces from the '80s hit series, Dallas. "...a retro nirvana for TV Land, VH1 and Turner Classic Movies fans and celebrity signature collectors...unites vintage Tinsel town idols and survivors with the people who made them as-seen-on-TV commodities," says the Los Angeles Times. The Hollywood Show is well known by avid collectors because of its large array of vendors selling comic books, posters, autographs, vintage magazines and other entertainment memorabilia. Tomorrow, Saturday November 10th, this one-of-a-kind event show is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets are $20 per person, and can be purchased directly at the website or at the door on the day of the event. For a full celebrity list, visit

Rob Garrett

David de Alba as Judy Garland

This Sunday, longtime Las Vegas entertainer and award-winning Neil Diamond tribute artist, Rob Garrett, will perform a special 3 p.m. matinee show on Veterans' Day at Freedom Hall in Sun City Anthem. Also known as "The King of Diamonds," Garrett and band, which includes Keith Neal on lead guitar, Daryl Slade on bass guitar, Steve Gerard on keyboards, Jeff Boree on Drums, and Russine Zellner on backup vocals, along with special guests, LJ Harness on percussion, and vocalist extraordinaire, Mark Giovi, from the Vegas Underground band, will pay an Americana salute to our country's veterans. Tickets are priced at $15 for residents, and $18 for non residents. As of this posting, there were a very limited amount of tickets still available at the theater which seats just about 300.

On Sunday afternoon, David de Alba pays a loving tribute to Judy Garland at The Onyx Theatre. David's fascination with Garland goes back to the late 1960s. He was just a teenager when he met his American singing idol in Chicago. David de Alba's act comprises singing many of Judy's best, well-known songs and doing several narrations; some are Garland's own anecdotes she told during the 1960s, and some are David's own memories about meeting Judy and about other people connected with the Judy Garland Fan Club. In addition to David's long-running stage performances at San Francisco's famed Finocchio's, he has also appeared on several television and radio shows as well as many one-man stage concerts. His performing career has been chronicled in five books. He received a number of awards in the mid-1960s - from a teen trophy given by Coca-Cola in Chicago, to recognition by famous actor/impersonator Charles Pierce in San Francisco, and recently, certificates awarded by San Francisco Bay Area Historian and Author, James R. Smith, and by the TG Forum of Pennsylvania. David also owns an impressive collection of Garland memorabilia. See and hear his tribute act at The Onyx Theatre, 953 E. Sahara Avenue, Building 16. The show starts at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are a very reasonable $10

It's too late to see Sam Harris at The Smith Center tonight, but he has two more shows tomorrow, Saturday, November 10th. You can catch the Star Search phenom at 7 and 9:30 p.m. in Cabaret Jazz. Tickets start at $39. Call the Smith Center Box Office at 749-2000.

Sam Harris

Bill Fayne

* * * * * * * *

On Friday, November 16th, at the LVH (Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, formerly Las Vegas Hilton), Bill Fayne and RagTag Entertainment present Showstoppers, where the Best of Vegas perform the Best of Broadway, in an 8 p.m. show. Fayne, Andrew Wright, Kelly Clinton-Holmes are hosting, with performances by Lou De Meis, Tara Palsha, Tina Walsh, Lisa Smith, Anne Barr, Savannah Smith, Michelle Johnson, Randal Keith, Ayler Evan, George DeMott, and Ron Smith. Showstoppers contains hit after Broadway hit, and is the first in a series of musicals that will play at the LVH every few months. The casts will be made up of singers and dancers from up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Tickets are $25 for general seating, and $40 for VIP, and are available through the LVH's website or call (702) 732-5755 or (800) 222-5361.

* * * * * * * *

The Gateway Arts Foundation presents Paul Hansell in concert on Sunday, November 18th, at 2 p.m. Hansell, who has spent the last few years of his life behind the scenes, as a dresser for The Producers and Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular, steps from behind the curtain and into the spotlight for this musical tour of his life, which primarily focuses on his love affair with food, family and friends. Paul has not only earned applause for his vocal and acting skills, but also for his skills in the kitchen. Show cast members rave about his baked goods, and welcome holidays, birthdays, or special events, where his edible treats frequently come into play. Paul's baking and singing began with his family, who Paul describes as "not the Cleavers." On Sunday, he will share stories of the music that stirs his passion, while he is stirring cake batter. He will, more than likely, whip up a treat or two, stimulating taste buds at the same time as well as providing music for the soul. Join Paul at Hattie's House, where, accompanied by Angela Chan at the piano, he will perform selections by Stephen Sondheim, William Finn, Jacques Brel, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cy Coleman, among others. Tickets are $15, with a portion of the sales will benefit the Gateway Scholarship Fund for advanced music studies for Southern Nevada students. Hattie's House is located at 9109 Lazy Hill Circle, west of Ft. Apache, between Sahara and Charleston. Reservations are required. Call (702) 255-0695.

Paul Hansell

Bethany Owen

* * * * * * * *

The Lounge at the Palms Casino Resort presents Bethany Owen in One Voice, Thursday, November 15th at 2 p.m. Bethany celebrates the zany and fun side of celebrity personalities through the use of comedic parody and musical tributes to some of the world's most legendary female superstars of our time. In countless shows and concerts performed across the country, she continues to amaze audiences night after night of all ages and backgrounds as she BECOMES the characters she is impersonating. Their look, body language and facial expressions are brought to life through her quick costume and wig changes right in front of the audience, never are they done off-stage or from behind a curtain, while being supported by musical transitions, theatrical lighting and atmospheric effects designed by her husband, LA film and special effects theatrical stage producer/director, Jim Whirlow. Free for Sterling Advantage members.

* * * * * * * *

Westchester Broadway Theatre presents Fiddler On the Roof, through November 25th, 2012, and January 3rd through February 3rd of next year. The Westchester Broadway Theatre (WBT) is the longest running year-round Equity theatre in the state of New York, with a 37-year history of nearly 200 main-stage productions. The objective with this world-class venue is to always provide audiences - which come from far and wide - with the highest production values and most memorable entertainment/dining experiences. WBT is the only theatre of its kind in Westchester, where Broadway performers, directors and designers gather to create this level of Musical Theatre. Each show is produced exclusively for WBT and is approached similarly to a Broadway production: casting Broadway performers at auditions in New York City and engaging the creative staff (Directors, Choreographers, Musical Directors, Set, Costume and Lighting Designers, etc.). On musical "dark nights," WBT has presented more than 950 Monday and Tuesday night special events and concerts, featuring top-tier talent such as Jackie Mason, Tom Jones, George Carlin, Paul Anka, and Harry Belafonte. With the continued support of the tri-state area audiences, WBT pledges to continue to present the best in theatre and dining! Our friend, Bill Nolte (Franz Liebkind in the Las Vegas production of The Producers) stars as Tevye in WBT's Fiddler. Here are some of what the critics had to say about Bill. "Bill Nolte heads this wonderful revival at Westchester Broadway Theatre, and miraculously makes the colorful, characterization of Tevye entirely his own. He could stand proudly with Zero Mostel and Topol who were able to give individual interpretations of this very human character. In fact, the entire production, directed and choreographed by Richard Stafford, is very vivid and refreshing - even if you've seen the show and the film countless of times." - Marlene S. Gaylinn of the Connecticut Critics Circle. "Bill Nolte as Tevye is the best singer I've ever heard in the role, either here or in Europe, and he gives a full, rounded, warm performance that carries this production. He was a renewal of pleasures unexpected, memories brought alive. Fiddler On The Roof" at Westchester Broadway Theatre Four Out of Four Stars!!!!" - Eugene Paul, THEATERSCENE.NET. "This production at the Westchester Broadway Theatre, the 177th in their history, ranks among their best. Bill Nolte leads the cast of the classic "Fiddler on the Roof," giving an outstanding performance as Tevye, the dairyman. With direction and choreography by Richard Stafford, Fiddler entranced the packed house at Friday's press performance. Nolte's stage presence and acting as the embattled dairyman pay homage to the Jerome Robbins directed and choreographed Broadway hit of 1964. He starts with the song entitled "Tradition," that tells the story of the Jewish colony in 1905 in Czarist Russia. From there on it is the tale of Tevye and his daughters. Fiddler On The Roof ...You'll Hug This Show!" - George J. Dacre, Rockland County Times. "In this WBT production, Tevye the dairyman is vividly brought to life by the astounding Bill Nolte, who commands the stage. From the first step out, he owns the play, with his booming voice and soulful and playful facial expressions. His delivery is impeccable. In fact, one patron whispered to his companion, "he is a clone of Zero Mostel," the original lead on Broadway. Bill Nolte Brings Heart, Soul and Fine Voice to Tevye!" - Evelyn J. Mocbeichel, The Examiner. "Fiddler on the Roof" soars or sinks with Tevye. A weak dairyman can throw all of Anatevka off-kilter. But a robust Tevye - such as Bill Nolte, now on stage in Westchester Broadway Theatre's winning production - can raise the roof upon which that famous fiddler is perched.

Some say the role doesn't require a singer, but Nolte's operatic reading of the role at the dinner theater belies that. In songs such as "If I Were a Rich Man" and "To Life, L'Chaim," he hits every emotional note with beautiful, meaningful accuracy. While Tevye can be played purely for laughs, Nolte doesn't veer into shtick, and still delivers the jokes smashingly.

Thanks to Nolte, the superb direction and choreography of Richard Stafford and a hard-working company, this "Fiddler" achieves everything one would expect for this classic musical." - Kathryn Kitt, The Journal News. "FIDDLER is considered by many as one of the best musicals to grace Broadway, in the same league as WEST SIDE STORY and GYPSY and the production at the Westchester Broadway Theatre only enhances its reputation as a great musical. Their production is splendid and the entire cast is marvelous! Tevye is performed and sung beautifully by Bill Nolte, who explains to us and God the trials and tribulations of his hard life and the ever-changing traditions put forth by his own family. It is the intelligence of the book and music that makes this journey with Tevye so wonderful and the universality of a family, regardless of religion and nationality, that will always engulf the audience with its warmth and humanity." - David Pentz, CUE. The Westchester Broadway Theatre is located at 1 Broadway Plaza in Elmsford, New York. Parking is always free and accessible. Dinner and show prices range between $52 and $80, plus tax, depending on the performance chosen. Beverage Service and Gratuities are not included in the ticket price. Call (914) 592-222.2

Bill Nolte Stars in Fiddler On the Roof

Roseanne Barr

* * * * * * * *

On Saturday, November 17th, starting at 8 a.m. and lasting until the last item is gone, a garage and bake sale will be held at the home of Nancy Barr, 3634 Winner Drive, in the southeast part of Las Vegas near Sandhill and Rawhide, to benefit Blue Lotus Insight Meditation Center for Inner Peace and Happiness. This sale is being done to raise funds to purchase a used van to reach shut-in's, and to do healing for people who cannot get out of their home. Blue Lotus is a nonprofit group whose main task is to cultivate mental purification through meditation and noble friendships. This project needs both donors and shoppers to be successful. If there are things you want to get rid of, this is an opportunity to clean out your closets and garage. If, on the other hand, you want to go shopping (holidays are on the horizon)... Homemade baked goods will also be available. If anyone has any large items but no way of moving them, please call (702) 285-9069, and they will do their best to help make arrangements to get it moved. May we be well, happy, and peaceful. May we shed the burdens of our attachments and develop insight into the reality of life. May we become a light onto ourselves and others. Peace and blessings! We are all looking forward to this being an abundant event. Thanks, everyone.

* * * * * * * *

Comedian Roseanne Barr, running for president of the United States under the Peace and Freedom Party, managed to place fifth in the 2012 general election. She may have accounted for 0 percent of the popular vote, but Barr actually snagged 48,797 votes, according to Google's U.S. general election results. On the ballot in California, Florida (where she got more than 8,000 votes) and Colorado, in the general election Roseanne placed behind Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, who got almost 400,000 votes, and ahead of Rocky Anderson, the former mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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