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Note: This is a past column from March 14, 2014
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Las Vegas - March 14, 2014

Jimmy Emerson as Tammy Spraynette

Vita Corimbi as TSA Airport Security Agent

Following the special preview of Bottoms Up 2014 at the Tommy Wind Theater on March 4th, producer/performer, Jimmy Emerson, had these comments...
"In my opinion it was a success in SO MANY ways," stated Emerson. "First of all, I have to say that gathering a group of extremely talented people - singers, comedians, dancers, musicians, choreographers, costumers, and all the 'extra' folks you need to pull something like this off, was amazing to me, because everyone came on board BELIVEING in ME and this project. No one got paid at all and in fact, spent their own money attending rehearsals, costume fittings and performance. My goal was to "revive" Breck Wall's Bottoms Up and give it a facelift and some new blood and material in hopes to find a venue to reopen the once well known show. At every turn I got a 'yes' - from asking the Crazy Girls cast to step in as our dancers, to Vita Corimbi, David Iannaci and Lou De Meis, to join me in the comedy parts of the show. Nobody hesitated AT ALL. AND my business partner of several years now, Mr. Jim Lash, who wholeheartedly believes in this show, not ONLY choreographed the show, but put up the much needed funds to make this happen. (No matter how much you try to do something for nothing, SOMEBODY has to put up SOME money.) Even though I have a lot of costumes and props to pull from past shows, there was a need for 'specific' costumes. My friends, Heidi Thompson, Mistinguett, Shawn Magby, and Norbert Aleman, all helped with pulling together what I needed." Emerson goes on to say, "Tommy Wind Sr. and Jr., and John George, general manager of the Tommy Wind Theater (formerly the Boulevard Theater, formerly the Club Utopia) gave me the theater to use for no cost. With so much support, I feel confident that somehow this show is wanted back in Las Vegas. I mean - comedy, sexy dancers, and the only TOPLESS afternoon show (I think) makes for a nice package. We had more than 125 people in attendance, mostly friends and fans of the show, but also many people who just wanted to find out what Bottoms Up is all about. Among those in attendance were (and I don't know the names of all the folks) David Harris (Bottoms Up legend), Jeanne Bavaro, Monti Rock III, Nevada Nichols, Chris Racine, Frankie Kein, Manuel Arte, Gerald Gordon, Norbert Aleman, Jennifer Aleman, John Stuart, Sandra Huntsman, Ned Marsh, Sandra Raj, Michele Holiday, Bobby Drake, Mel Cole, Larry Atello, Grant Phillipo, Ralph Ohlsen, James Paseo, Kirk Goodrich, Tim Dunn, Genie Ahearn, Toni James, Patty Spelman, Pete Pederson, and 20 + members of the Las Vegas Prime Timers Club, and so, so, many more. The future of Bottoms Up depends on finding an investor and/or a venue that will just book the show (haha) There is interest from a couple of sources, but I will need to 'beat the bushes' to find and convince a prospective investor that this show still has a lot of life left in it! It's tried and true for a bargain afternoon show, and with topless dancers and comedy, it should appeal to a market of young men and longtime fans of the show."

Like Jimmy Emerson, we also think that Bottoms Up is still a viable entertainment product, and hope he can find a Las Vegas home for the musical comedy revue.

David Iannici as Guisippi the Fiddler

Howard Maurer & Dyanne Thorne

And speaking of Breck Wall's original creation, Bottoms Up, Dyanne Thorne reminds us that she worked for Breck for a year, headlining Naughty But Nice at The Nugget in Reno. In anticipation of attending the Wednesday afternoon show, actress Thorne, and her musician/actor hubby, Howard Maurer, were looking forward to the preview of Bottoms Up, saying it will be fun to see this century's version of comedy burlesque. "I had met David Harris, Suzanne Buhrer and the Bottoms Up gang when the show was at the Silver Slipper," says Ms. Thorne, "and I had left Broadway to be sketch artist/straight woman for Minsky's Extravaganza at the Aladdin Hotel (1969-1970). Life goes full circle." Howard and Dyanne are both working on a new film for Europe, and planning to attend film show conventions in Hanover and Berlin to promote the vehicle in 2015. Two of their 2013 flicks are in line for distribution. "It's such fun to share new media projects in this century...surprising to us, but delightful! We're off to L.A. in April for the "Hollywood Film Convention" to conduct Q & A and autograph signings. Looking forward to this. The list of colleagues/guests is awesome."

* * * * * * * *

Nino Frediani will also be showcasing his revue, Unstoppable, at Luciano Garden Ristorante (formerly Roma Garden), 5715 S. Pecos, at the corner of Russell, on Saturday, March 22nd. Unstoppable is a good word to describe Frediani. At age 74, and legally blind, the man who comes from a circus family is still juggling. A crowd favorite, he performed in production shows at the Flamingo for 21 years. In August, Nino Frediani and company did a version of Unstoppable at the off-Strip Onyx Theatre. It received very good reviews, and even generated a story in the Los Angeles Times. Frediani feels there is a need for a show featuring seasoned performers and geared to a mature audience...thus, Unstoppable. In addition to Nino, the March 22nd Unstoppable will include artists Joanie Le Belle, Maggi Albisani, Victor Moea, and French crooner, Jean-Jacques de Launay. There is a $10 cover. Luciano‘s has good food and an extensive menu, so go hungry. Show starts at 6 p.m. For additional information, call (702) 476-0340.

Nino Frediani by Steve Marcus

Andy Martello Book

* * * * * * * *

From our Las Vegas Media Group correspondent, Lisa Gioia- Acers...
Please read the email carefully because there is loads of important information within. Our LAST Wedding Room lunch meeting was scheduled to take place this coming Monday, March 17. As previously shared, the Wedding Room has been sold and the new owners were not amenable to our group, the great rate we get and such. So we were in need of finding a new home for our ever-growing organization. After a LOT of phone calls, discussions back and forth about where we would have our meetings, and with poor Don and Gretchen Payne (Mark and Joan Massagli and Carey Burke, too) visiting possible sites we made a little progress. Then, today I called Patty, our amazing server at the Wedding Room, to give her the head count for our Monday meeting. She said, "I was just about to call you!" Then, she told me that even though the Wedding Room now has new owners, they AREN'T CLOSING as planned. She said the new owners would be THRILLED to continue having our meetings there. So, we don't have to find a new home. Isn't that great? Update your calendars - our March, April, and thereafter meetings will take place at the Wedding Room. This Monday's speaker is Andy Martello. Andy has just published his book, The King of Casinos. He'll talk about the subject of the book, Willie Martello (no relation!) and sign copies for anyone purchasing a book. The location of the meeting is The Wedding Room at 3601 West Sahara on the southeast corner of Valley View. If you know where the Gallery of History is (was?) located and/or The Cellar, then you know where it is; Mariana's Grocery Store on one side and Kaplan College on the other. There is a handicap entrance through the alley between the college and The Wedding Room. The phone number for any questions or directions is (702) 362-6712.
We have social hour from 11:15-11:30. The buffet luncheon begins at 11:30 and our speaker begins their talk at 12 noon. Cost of the lunch is $17. Please RSVP by calling (702) 245-9206, or e-mailing to [email protected]. Thanks! Lisa

* * * * * * * *

Due to the fact that F.I.O.R.E. (Fun Italians Organizing Ridiculous Events) non-club club head honcho (or however they say it in Italy), Nelson Sardelli, has a very busy schedule right now, the follow-up to Thursday's luncheon gathering, with Vegas Vampire Jim Parker as special guest, will be slightly delayed. Stay tuned.

* * * * * * * *

The upcoming March 22nd and 23rd dates for Don Rickles at The Orleans Hotel and Casino have been postponed until August 16th and 17th. Tickets for the August dates will go on sale May 3rd.

* * * * * * * *

From the March 12 Chicago Sun Times, by Maureen O'Donnell, Staff Reporter, and Mike Thomas, Contributing
Former Second City pianist Fred Kaz dies
Fred Kaz, whose 8 ½ fingers twinkled across the keyboard for 25 years at Second City, guiding young actors by coaxing laughs and salvaging underdone sketches, died Wednesday of lung cancer. He was 80. Mr. Kaz had been in hospice care in California's San Pedro harbor on his boat, the Cadenza, a musical term for "a technically brilliant sometimes improvised solo passage," according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The boat was a retirement gift from Second City. The bearded Mr. Kaz was the epitome of hipster cool. At the comedy revue, where he was musical director from the early 1960s to 1989, he slouched over his piano with a cigarette dangling insouciantly from his mouth. He might have seemed to just be noodling around the ivories, but he worked in puns and jokes through his choice of music. A sketch about a psychiatrist might have included a snippet or two of "You Go to My Head." "He was very, very smart, he was very talented, and you know he was missing 1½ fingers," said Second City artistic consultant Sheldon Patinkin, from "a machine accident when he was working in Indiana supporting his family." "Just simply, he was a pillar of the early years of Second City," said actor Alan Arkin. "He's a genius; just a genius. Some of my favorite memories of [his] music are after the shows. We would hang around and he'd just play for an hour, two hours and it was some of the most extraordinarily played music I've ever heard...It seems to me he should have been a world-renowned jazz pianist or composer, but he seemed to relish his work at Second City." Arkin, who starred in the 2012 film "Argo," was awed by Mr. Kaz's virtuosity. He scored Arkin's 1971 film, "Little Murders." "There was a passion and an energy about his playing and a richness that I've almost never heard anywhere else...The passion and energy was like Beethoven and the multiple voices, the multiple simultaneous voices, were like Bach." Although he was missing most of two fingers on his left hand, "He played as if he had 15 fingers," Arkin said. Second City alum George Wendt, who went on to star in the NBC hit "Cheers," recalled how Mr. Kaz's hipster patois initially left him mystified. "My first couple of years working with him, I had no idea what he was saying," Wendt said. "He'd start mumbling, like bebop jazz talk. I didn't want to look, like, uncool, so I would say ‘Got it, right, Fred.'" But Mr. Kaz needed no translation when he expertly helped Wendt, Tim Kazurinsky and Bruce Jarchow craft a classic Western sketch. The three actors wanted to show how boring it could be on the range, so they came up with a sketch with three cowboys loping across the landscape for what seemed an eternity. "So Fred started this loping cowboy ‘do-do-DO-do-do' and we just started riding," Wendt said. When Mr. Kaz sped the piano up, they followed his lead. They galloped. When he slowed down, they ambled. "We thought ‘let's not talk until they stop laughing,' " Wendt said, "and they never stopped laughing." "He is the best 8 ½-fingered piano player the planet ever created," said Kazurinsky. "I wish I had a dollar for every time I did a scene and I thought ‘Golly, I was clever last night,' '' Kazurinsky said, "and then I looked at the tape, and realized Fred had led me there musically." Mr. Kaz, who grew up in the DePaul neighborhood, was a talented jazz pianist long before he joined the comedy revue. He played at the Gate of Horn and other city nightclubs and jazz festivals on bills with Cannonball Adderley, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, Gene Krupa, Oscar Peterson, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan and Dinah Washington. He even played accompaniment for silent movies at film festivals. At Second City, he also accompanied Dan Aykroyd, Jim Belushi, Bill Murray, David Steinberg and Betty Thomas. In a 2008 interview with Sun-Times reporter Mike Thomas, Belushi recalled how Mr. Kaz could make or break a scene. It was late on a Friday night. Some members of the troupe had been drinking and were horsing around instead of engaging with the audience. Every time Belushi was onstage, Mr. Kaz "pulled his hands off the piano. And I got a third of my usual laughs. A third!" Belushi exclaimed. "And I went on my knees and begged him to forgive me, and he didn't forgive me until Sunday. I stewed another two nights without the piano, me trying to squeeze these laughs without his help." "He was like the sixth or seventh man, depending on the size of the cast," said Second City CEO Andrew Alexander. "He influenced the work dramatically on how to play out a scene . . . he was the foundation of how music was integrated into Second City.'' The late Bernie Sahlins, a Second City founder, likened his work to that of being a director. "His contribution is unobtrusive, but if he were missing, it would certainly be less of a show," Sun-Times critic Glenna Syse said in a review of a 1986 show. Mr. Kaz's puckish sense of humor is evident on a video tribute he sent to Second City on its 50th anniversary. "I used to work at Second City but I'm almost completely recovered!" he said, with a fake twitch. In the tribute, he reeled off tongue-in-cheek assessments of Second City alums, including, "Bill Murray was just a bar singer and a balloon popper, and that's all he'll ever be." He liked landing lake trout and salmon, smoking them and bringing them in for the troupe to enjoy, Wendt said. And Mr. Kaz loved being on the Cadenza with his wife, Helen. "I have birds, sea creatures, and good air," he told a 2009 crowd at California's Fanatic Salon. In a 22-mile trip near Catalina Island, he said, "We saw several pods of dolphins, a humpback whale and her calf; two great white sharks, a huge ocean sunfish and a fin whale." In addition to his wife, Mr. Kaz is survived by his daughter, Ellen; his sons, Martin and Ron, and his older brother, Norman.
Note: Fred Kaz was the uncle of longtime Las Vegas resident, Bob Kaz, who sent us the above article.

And former Las Vegas songstress/actress, Loretta Holloway, sent this story by Chris Jones, from the March 12 Chicago Tribune.
Fred Kaz, music director at Second City, dies at 80
Fred Kaz, the music director at The Second City for 24 years and a legendary personality at the famous comedy theater, has died from lung cancer at the age of 80. Kaz died Wednesday on his boat, moored with a view of the sunset in San Pedro, Calif., and given to him by his grateful employer in recognition of his role in the formative years of sketch comedy. Kaz, a jazz pianist, was first employed by the fledgling theater in the early 1960s. His assignment, offered up by the late Paul Sills, was to do what jazz pianists do, only with actors instead of fellow musicians. For the next few decades, Kaz tickled the keys amid the sketches and improvised sets on the mainstage, becoming as crucial as any cast member. "If Fred didn't like where a scene was headed or got bored with what you were doing on stage he would magically - musically - take you to a new place," said the actor Tim Kazurinsky on Wednesday. "Fred's ever- present sea-captain's cap sent a not-so-subtle message: ‘I am the commander of this vessel.' But he always steered us right and true." "During a scene," said the actor Richard Kind, "Fred Kaz told you more with his fingers on the keys than most directors could tell you with an afternoon of rehearsal." "You have a skeletal structure, and you fill it in by virtue of your talent and awareness," Kaz said in a 2009 interview with the Tribune, describing his role at the Second City piano. That process of "filling in," Kaz explained, was motivated as much by how the audience was reacting as what the cast was doing. No other accompanist at the theater came close to the longevity of Kaz, nor commanded as much respect. "Fred was the genius who knew how to support a scene," said Andrew Alexander, the owner of Second City. "He was also a mentor to a lot of actors back stage." Actor Jim Belushi said of Kaz, "He was my master, my father, my friend, and my spiritual leader. ... He'll be gigging in heaven on Day One." Kaz's run at Second City was distinguished as being the longest of any performer in the history of the theater. His formidable skills as an improvisational pianist were all the more remarkable as Kaz had lost two fingers on his left hand, the consequence of a factory accident when he was 22 years old. "After the show from time to time, he'd sit down and play his music," said George Wendt. "We'd all just sit there spellbound. And he was the heppest of the hepcats. I'm from the South Side. I swear for the first two years I knew him I had no idea what he was saying." Kaz also played the first Second City revue in Toronto and even directed one show at Second City's long-gone suburban outpost in Rolling Meadows. Alexander gave Kaz his boat following his retirement in the late 1980s. "I was just down there," Alexander said Wednesday. "Fred seemed very comfortable." Kaz is survived by his wife, Helen, and his children, Ellen, Ron and Marty, as well as a brother, Norman. On Wednesday, old-timers at Second City were circulating a drawing made of Kaz with the late Bernie Sahlins and Joyce Sloane. "The nightclub is now open," goes the new caption. "There are lots of performers up there to join them," observed Sheldon Patinkin, now one of the last of the Second City originals. "It must be quite a club."
Our condolences go out to the Kaz family.

Fred Kaz

Jason Robert Brown

* * * * * * * *

From the writer of The Last Five Years, and Parade, Songs For a New World is the show that put musical theater composer, lyricist, and playwright, Jason Robert Brown, on the map. Brown transports his audience from the deck of a 1492 Spanish sailing ship to a ledge 57 stories above Fifth Avenue to meet a startling array of characters ranging from a young man who has determined that basketball is his ticket out of the ghetto, to a woman whose dream of marrying rich nabs her the man of her dreams and a soulless marriage. With a small, powerhouse cast, and a driving, exquisitely crafted score including Off-Broadway hits like "Stars and the Moon," "King of the World," "I'm not Afraid of Anything," "I'd Give it All for You," and more, Songs For a New World sits on the border of musical and song- cycle. It's carried by a singular theme - the moment of decision. Join Off Strip Productions as they present this heart-warming, toe-tapping masterpiece in that intimate, innovative style that you can only find at Las Vegas' Onyx Theatre! Musical and Stage Direction is by Chris Lash. The cast is made up of Christian Escobar, Kim Glover, Amanda Kraft and Brandon Burk. Costumes by Isaiah Urrabazo, with Set Design by David Sankuer, and Lighting by Jake Copenhaver.
Show times: are March 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, April 3, 4, 5 at 8 p.m., and a Sunday Matinee, March 30 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $24. The Onyx Theatre, is in the Commercial Center at 953 E. Sahara, Suite 16B. Contact: Artistic Director, Brandon Burk: [email protected], or call (702) 732-7225.

* * * * * * * *

Last Sunday, Nik Mastrangelo had another night of great music in the Tuscany Hotel's Piazza Lounge, with three sets of Johnny Mercer songs. Even though the songs were standards straight out of the Great American Songbook, the trio, consisting of Joey Singer on keys, Bob Sachs on bass and Mike Mechem on drums, are always able to give a fresh approach to this wonderful music in their own inimitable way. In short, the music was simply awesome. This Sunday, March 16th, the group celebrate the music of two great composers, Irving Berlin and Cy Coleman, and they may even sprinkle in some Beatles and other surprises. The talented Steve Flora will be filling in for Bob Sachs on bass. Join the party in the coolest lounge in town. The Tuscany Hotel is at 255 E. Flamingo Rd.

Cy Coleman

Joe Locatelli

* * * * * * * *

Join Windy Karigianes at The Dispensary Lounge tonight, Friday, March 14th, until 2 a.m., for a night of eclectic music. The backing trio features Bill Zappia on keys, Fred Watstein on bass, and Boris Shapiro on drums. On Sunday, March 23rd, Windy will be at The Mandarin Oriental, 3752 Las Vegas Blvd. on the 23rd floor, from 6 to 10 p.m. She returns to The Dispensary, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., on Sunday, March 23rd.

Joe Locatelli and company will present a night of real jazz at The Dispensary Lounge on Wednesday, March 19th, from 8 to 11 p.m. Joining Locatelli, who will be playing vibes, is Doug MacDonald (coming in from Los Angeles) on guitar, Ken Seiffert on upright bass, and Boris Shapiro on drums. The Dispensary is located in Ocotillo Plaza at 2451 E. Tropicana, on the southeast corner of Trop and Eastern. Phone (702) 458-6345.

* * * * * * * *

Tammy Wynette sang about it, and now you can see how it sometimes plays out in musical comedy style at Bally's. The word is D-I-V-O-R- C-E. The end of a marriage can spell sadness or relief. Divorce Party Las Vegas, a new show, opened at Bally‘s yesterday. The upstairs Windows Showroom, where Tony n' Tina's Wedding takes place, has added Divorce Party Las Vegas to the Bally's mix. Divorce Party offers 80-minutes of pure fun with a big heart, along with popular songs infused with clever new lyrics. Performance times are Saturdays through Thursdays at 8 p.m. (dark on Fridays). Ticket prices are $49, $65 and $80, plus tax and fees. For reservations, call (855) 234-7469, or (702) 777-2782. We hope to have more details about Divorce Party, including the names of the cast members, and maybe even a photo or two, for next Friday.

* * * * * * * *

At the next Composers Showcase, taking place on April 16th, the popular venue will be celebrating its second anniversary in the Cabaret Jazz club at The Smith Center. We are pretty sure that when Keith Thompson (Jersey Boys) and Michael Brennan (La Reve) came up with the idea of presenting the works of local songwriters, played and sung by some of the most talented folks in this city, they had no idea that they were creating a musical monster. From the handful of people who showed up to watch, listen and participate (most of those in the audience were also the same people who were sharing their talent) during the first year at Suede, a small bar on Paradise, to the move to the cabaret inside the now closed Liberace Museum, to brief stints at Creative Studios near Rainbow and Wigwam, and Garfield's restaurant at Desert Shores, the faithful followed, growing in small numbers each month. When the opportunity to move to The Smith Center presented itself, there was some concern. How many people would pay $20 to try and fill the 247-seat Cabaret Jazz? Two years later, the answer is...247, or thereabouts. For the last few months, the Composers Showcase has been sold out...and weeks before the dates. Frankly, we aren't at all surprised. Being part of the faithful, we haven't missed one for seven years. The late night performances are not only entertaining, they are inspiring. We love the experience. Long may she rein.

* * * * * * * *

An Evening with Marilyn Maye and Clint Holmes, will take place at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert on Monday, March 17th. A musical treasure, Marilyn Maye's entire life has been committed to the art of song and performance. She appeared on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson 76 times - a record for any singer. Ms. Maye is the recipient of the coveted Jazz Heritage award, a Grammy nominee, and recent winner of the prestigious Nightlife Legend award. A master entertainer, Clint Holmes never performs the same show twice. Instead, he features a constantly evolving kaleidoscope of music every single night, ranging from contemporary to jazz to Broadway. Showcasing the greatest songwriters from around the world, he creates a spellbinding evening of music. The two of them performing together should be some show! The excitement begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25, $35, $45 and $75, and may be purchased by going to, calling (760) 340-ARTS or (203) 325-4466. The McCallum is at 73000 Fred Waring Dr., in Palm Desert, CA. Learn more about these talented performers at and

Marilyn Maye & Clint Holmes

Circus by Daniel Vuyovich

* * * * * * * *

During a conversation we had with artist extraordinaire, Martin Kreloff, a while ago, he mentioned that he was mentoring a young artist named Daniel Vuyovich. Several months ago, at the suggestion of a mutual friend, Daniel called Kreloff, and asked if he could take a look at his art, and possibly help guide him through the next steps in his career as an artist. Marty was absolutely astounded by Daniel's technical drawing skills, and commitment to his art. "Plus," says Kreloff, "he's a really delightful person." Originally from the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California, Daniel now calls the great Neon Cosmopolis home. From 2001-2005, he studied art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco receiving a bachelor of fine arts in illustration. Daniel has drawn in some form since he was old enough to put crayon on wall. His work has been shown locally in several group exhibitions with Blackbird Gallery. Daniel's work fits best into the pop-surrealist movement but is a mashup of imaginative line work, intensive graphite rendering and highly emotional subject matter. His art offers a deeply personal exploration of human experience focusing on themes of sexuality, addiction and whimsy. Martin's job was to help Daniel get ready for his first solo show. That show opens tomorrow, Saturday, March 15th, at Blackbird Studios at Container Park, 707 Fremont E. Street, on the 2nd floor. Blackbird's "Gallery Girl" and curator, Gina Quaranto, had this to say about the now Las Vegas-based fine artist and designer. "Last year when I first met Daniel, he spoke about this thought-provoking concept and I knew it was an important show that needed to be SEEN. I asked him to create this work, holding NOTHING back. This exhibit will take you through the artist's mind and it will most definitely make you question the intent (in a good way). It does absolutely push the boundaries of art, especially shown in a mainstream venue such as the Container Park. I look forward to seeing our art supporters viewing and discussing this show." "Addiction: A Visual Narrative" is an examination of, and visual narrative depicting addiction as a sickness of the human mind and its common manifestations. The work is a catharsis based from the artists' own personal experiences. Blackbird Studios is so proud to present a new exhibit by artist Daniel Vuyovich. The public is invited to join in for the opening night of this exhibit, tomorrow from 6 to 10 p.m., to show their support for art and for the studio. Wine and refreshments will be served, and the artist will be in the gallery to discuss his work. Mr. Vuyovich's work will be on display at Blackbird Studios through May 15th. We expect that a proud Martin Kreloff will be in attendance.

* * * * * * * *

The Lon Bronson Band - Industrial Strength R& B, Rock, Soul & Funk returns to The Smith Center on Wednesday, March 19th. For those who have seen the band at Cabaret Jazz, you don't need to be told how amazing the sound is. The whole setting is nothing short of mind blowing! If you haven't seen The Lon Bronson Band there, please plan to attend this March date. Lon guarantees that you will not be disappointed. It's sort of like a night at the Opera - if the Opera played Tower, Pink Floyd & Beatles! Special guest stars, and All the All Stars will be Rocking. Let's show The Smith Center again, that locals can support talented locals! Tickets starts at only $15. And these are great seats (there are no bad seats at Cab Jazz).

* * * * * * * *

Sheila MacRae, veteran stage, film and TV performer, best known for playing Alice Kramden in the 1960s re-creation of The Honeymooners, passed away on March 6th at the Lillian Booth Actors Home in Englewood, N.J. She was 92. MacRae, who suffered from dementia but was otherwise in good health, had been hospitalized for a minor surgical procedure. Her death came suddenly, apparently the result of old age, said her daughter, actress/singer Heather MacRae. A singer, dancer and actress, MacRae was married to Oklahoma! and Carousel star, Gordon MacRae, for 26 years. The couple appeared together in musicals, including Guys and Dolls, with Sheila taking her performance as Miss Adelaide to Broadway in 1965. The two divorced in 1967. In the 1950s version of The Honeymooners, Audrey Meadows starred with Jackie Gleason as Ralph and Alice Kramden. MacRae replaced Meadows as Alice in a 1966-1970 version on The Jackie Gleason Show. MacRae was the last survivor from the '60s edition of the Gleason show. Jane Kean, who played Trixie Norton, died last fall. "My mother referred to herself as the last Mrs. Kramden," Heather MacRae said. After her divorce from Gordon MacRae, she was married to Ronald Wayne, who produced Gleason's show. They later divorced. A native of London, England, Sheila MacRae emigrated to America with her parents during World War II. Survivors include children Heather and William "Gar" MacRae, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Daughter Meredith died in 2000 and son Robert in 2010. Funeral services for Sheila MacRae were pending.

Sheila MacRae 1924-2014

Bernadette Peters

* * * * * * * *

Happy birthday, Pisces celebrants (February 20 through March 20): Bobby Unser, Nancy Wilson (jazz), Buffy Sainte-Marie, Rihanna, David Geffen, Kelsey Grammer, Christine Ebersole, Charlotte Church, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Lea Salonga, Michel Legrand, Sammy Kershaw, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Johnny Winter, Carrot Top, Sean Astin, Chelsea Handler, Fats Domino, Michael Bolton, Corinne Bailey Rae, Josh Groban, Frank Gehry, Tommy Tune, Bernadette Peters, Gilbert Gottfried, Jason Aldean, Brent Barrett, Tempest Storm, Harry Belafonte, Roger Daltry, Justin Bieber, Jay Osmond, Jon Bon Jovi, Lou Reed, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Jennifer Warnes, Bobby Womack, Tom Arnold, Emilio Estefan, Penn Fraser Jillette, Mary Wilson, Wanda Sykes, Taylor Dayne, Sebastian Izambard (Il Divo), Micky Dolenz, Keely Smith, Mickey Gilley, Jeffrey Osborne, Matthew Gray Gubler, Ralph Emery, Dean Torrence (Jan and Dean), Robin Thicke, Lance Burton, Jasmine Guy, Carrie Underwood, Bobby McFerrin, Jerry Zucker, Lisa Loeb, Liza Minnelli, Marlon Jackson, Al Jarreau, Jon Provost, James Taylor, Neil Sedaka, Quincy Jones, Eva Longoria, Walter Parazaider (Chicago), Billy Crystal, Adrian Zmed, Michael Martin Murphy, Sly Stone, (Black Eyed Peas), Mike Love, Dee Snider, Bret Michaels, Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), Jerry Lewis, Nancy Wilson (Heart), John Sebastian (The Lovin' Spoonful), John Kander, Charley Pride, Dane Cook, Adam Levine (Maroon 5), Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, Ruth Pointer, Hal Linden, Sharon Stone, Candi Cazau, Joseph Michael Pero, Renee Hale, Harry Goldson, James Lee Reeves (Milo Tremley), Jed Allen, Don Cadette, Cherry Wainer, Tyler Cohen, John Katsilometes, Jack Presley Fritz, Spike Measer, Debbie Hoover, Margaret Kurtz, Joni James, Toni Andrews, Teresa Gilmore, Jami Marshal, and Anne Davis Mulford.
And anniversary greetings to John and Lisa Gioia-Acres, Amber and James Lee Reeves, and Robert Allen and Deborah Danielson.

Sean Astin

Al Jarreau

Little Jack Presley Fritz, son of Niki Scalera and Jamie Fritz, celebrated his third birthday with a party at Kids Planet. Jack had lots of pre-school age playmates to join in on the fun. We also heard that occasional Composers Showcase participant, Adele Estelle Bernstein, incorrectly identified as Estelle Bernstein in last Friday's column, was among the party attendees. Since we weren't there, and didn't see her in any of the party pictures, we can't confirm or deny that rumor.

Jack Presley Fritz & Dad Jamie

Christopher A. Jones at TastySpace Gallery

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TastySpace Gallery will host an opening reception for artist Christopher A. Jones, tomorrow evening, Saturday, March 15th, from 7 to 10. Christopher shares new work in Schematameme. DJ Lenny Alfonzo and Pedro "Parrot" Flores on the decks. Food. Drinks. New work. Good company. The show is a study in sign processes, signification and communication. Intending to increase the dynamic between audience and author, with hope there is an objectification of emotions and a duality of interpretations experienced. The art itself is an investigation into the thought and behavior of our minds; preconceived ideas that can be depicted and realized in art. Christopher A. Jones is an artist living and working in Las Vegas. He works in a variety of media, with a prejudice to ink on newsprint. By examining the ambiguity and origination via retakes and variations, he approaches a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way. His artwork directly responds to the surrounding environment and uses everyday items that are either thrown away or created for immediacy as a starting point. Often these are framed instances which would go unnoticed in their original context. TastySpace is in the Emergency Arts Building at 520 E. Fremont Street, 150. For additional information, please call (617) 513-7336.

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KT Sullivan & Mark Nadler

Back by popular demand! Following their smash, sold out 54 Below outing in January, KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler make their triumphant return to Broadways‘ Supper Club next Friday, March 21st. KT and Mark, two of cabaret's most lauded artists, invite one and all to A Swell Party-RSVP Cole Porter, celebrating the timeless words and music of the supreme 20th century musical sophisticate, whose witty, naughty and romantic songs continue to enthrall audiences today as they did in the Jazz Age. Among the Cole Porter classics you will hear are "It's De-lovely," "I've Got You Under My Skin," "Let's Do It," "In The Still of the Night," Night and Day," and "Begin the Beguine." The classy 54 Below is at 254 W. 54th St., Cellar, in Manhattan. Cover charge is $40 and $50 (additional $5 at the door), plus $25 Food and Beverage minimum. Show starts at 8 p.m. Doors open at 5:30. Tickets after 2 p.m. on day of performance, are only available by calling (646) 476-3551.


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