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Carbonated Solutions


Carpet Cleaning Thats... Dries In 1-2 Hours Not 1-2 Days! We specialize in safe, dry carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. We feel that clean carpet, tile, and upholstery is not just for appearance, it's also for health. That is why the cleaner we us is completely safe and all natural. Most of the solutions commonly used by carpet cleaners depend heavily on dangerous chemicals such as butyl solvents. They must use heavy fragrances to mask the strong chemical odor created by their products. Our cleaner, No Soap Series tm., by comparison has no odor, leaves no sticky residue and is completely safe both for you and the environment. To top it off, our cleaning process leaves carpets and upholstery dry in 1-2 hours. Perfect for allergy sufferers or anyone concerned about the health of their family. We're Very Careful Who We Send Into Your Home! Always Employees, Never Sub-Contractors! When it comes to cleaning carpets, tile, and upholstery, you need someone with experience you can trust

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