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Epixel MLM Software


Epixel MLM Software provides world-class solutions to MLM companies to successfully grow and manage their network marketing business. Our well-built team of experts provides innovations and solutions for not just multi-level marketing, but for Direct selling and Party plan MLM also. Epixel provides a comprehensive package with customizable compensation plans to stay ahead of the competition. Various compensation plans like Binary, Matrix, Uni-level, Hybrid, etc. with customizations to fit your business is delivered with necessary integrations. 

Take advantage of your business data to make the right decisions with our cutting edge data analytics tools. These analytics tools provide real-time actionable insights for decision-makers and help to build a better business strategy. Analyzing these business KPIs help to do more with your existing network such as responding to changing trends in the industry, managing users, and predict which strategies will be most profitable. The analyzed data and insights are conveyed through our BI powered multilingual dashboard. Epixel supports automation for all business processes such as sales, marketing, and commission calculations. By putting your business processes to automation, you can increase revenue and profits by reducing time and resources. 

Epixel supports migration from your legacy system. A hassle-free migration of generated users & sales data, member commissions & rewards, payouts, rank configurations, etc. is possible. Easy customization from basic software appearance to advanced software features is provided by Epixel to meet customer requirements. E-commerce integration, CRM system integration, Lead capturing, Lead workflow management, interactive video integrations, Blockchain-based DApps integrations, Cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and ERC tokens are the integrations we provide to ensure a well-organized back-office platform. Giving full value to your business, we assure you fast and smart delivery of the package to make the business run smoothly and error-free. 


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