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Farmers Insurnace Group

  • 702-341-5537

  • 7884 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89117-1944, United States


Insurance and Financial Services Professionals An Opportunity and an adventure Want to be your own boss? Farmers offer you the chance to build your own Farmers family financial office, selling Farmers? entire line of insurance and financial products and services. At Farmers, you?ll join our elite group of entrepreneurs who are empowered to help our customers insure and grow their assets. You?ll build your own office while helping individuals, families and small businesses build a better financial future. Do you have life experiences that will help you help customers? Business experiences that will help you build your own practice? Are you ready to work harder than you?ve ever worked in exchange for greater rewards? Are you ready to work for bonuses and incentives in an environment where the toughest competition is yourself? As a registered agent with Farmers, your Farmers family financial office (a multi-line agency) will distribute Farmers? extensive line of Property and Casualty, Life and securities products. Compensation will be based on first-year and renewal commissions, with a generous production bonus arrangement. In addition, you have the ability to build equity, or ?contract value,? from your efforts and pass your interest in the agency to an immediate family member.

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