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Mahoney's Entertainment


Wide variety of bands, orchestras, and musicians playing all musical styles. Musicbandsonline offers a large spectrum of entertainment and artists based in and around the Las Vegas area. We specialize in the finest live bands and professional entertainers, providing a wide variety of both traditional and modern performers from A to Z. Musicbandsonline is a direct subsidiary of Mahoney's Entertainment and is maintained by Las Vegas talent agent, Marty Mahoney. Our catalogue of acts, actors, acrobats, bands, choreographers, conductors, clowns, dance bands, dancers, DJs, directors, fire eaters, fakirs, fiddlers, go-go girls, impersonators, impressionists, imitators, jugglers, juvenile performers, male and female musicians, magicians, MCs, orchestras, photographers, players, symphonies, singers, songwriters, showbands, showgirls (covered & uncovered), tap dancers, and variety shows is second to none.

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