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Neptunes Party/Melodious Jones


Variety Dance Band/Trio Vic, Maura & Dan Jones Family group Neptune's Party (also known ashore as:) Melodious Jones is a smooth sweet taste of your favorite music through the decades. With our cross platform appeal we manage to wow fans of Jazz, Rock, Pop, Country, and Soul alike. Melodious Jones can please crowds from rowdy to refined and will keep you tapping your feet and singing along to every song! All talented solo performers in their own rights, brought together, this powerhouse of musical entertainment is just what the doctor ordered! Vic Jones, Bandleader, Drummer, Lead Vocals Vic is one of the most sought after, and considered by his peers, among the best drummers available. Using a skill in which finding employment can be tough, his talent and performing experience have kept him in great demand and given him the luxury of playing full time most of his over twenty year career. Maura Jones, Lead Vocals, Keys, Bass Maura brings her smooth and sultry vocals to audiences around the world and in the Las Vegas area. In a career spanning over 2 decades, her wealth of talent, experiences and influences give her a vocal style defiant of categories and broad in artistic expression. Dan Jones, Lead Vocals, Keys, Bass With pro musicians as parents, this talented young man had no other direction to go but up in the music business. Sometimes he

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