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WRRP's mission is to reduce recidivism statewide in Nevada by providing holistic services to ex-offenders including military veteran ex-offenders and tier I or tier II ex-offenders. The Wellness, Redemption, & Rehabilitation Program, Inc. believes we should not wait for people (youth or adults) in Nevada to justify returning to incarceration when we can mitigate that and in turn reduce the amount of people that become victims of crime. We transform lives and in turn positively impact the families that love those lives. The Wellness, Redemption, & Rehabilitation Program (WRRP) is an incorporated public charity that provides intensive case management, risk focus treatment, substance abuse counseling, violence counseling, trust building skills, mentoring, assistance with attaining housing, education and employment, and retention services for ex-offenders. Whether we treat ex-offenders (youth or adults) who have committed violent crime or whether we treat ex-offenders who have committed property crime, the goal of WRRP is to make Nevada a safer place one client at a time. WRRP provides to ex-offenders the intangible and founding belief they deserve non-condemnation no matter the circumstance in which they find themselves. Our founding belief and the broad offender population we seek to serve maintains to be our niche which is one of several things that marks WRRP extraordinary to many other organizations of its kind. WRRP's re-entry treatment model/services are offered at no cost to our clients, less the sentencing diversionary service and the housing we provide of which the latter is accessed on a sliding scale. Our life skills training/assistance increase ex-offender accountability and employability while helping ease for law enforcement officers the burden of heavy caseloads.

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