Las Vegas Free-For-All

Movies or TV Shows that are Las Vegas Related in Some Way.

Type: Movie - Color

Length: Minutes

Release Date: November 30, 1999

Directed By: Takashi Tsuboshima

An inveterate gambler, is given a poker chip from a Las Vegas casino by Kid Gold, and has the chip duplicated by the thousands and then gets himself transferred to the Los Angeles branch of his firm. Kaneo Nishimoto, a young doctor, is present when Kid Gold is fatally struck by a taxi. Before he dies, the Kid gives Nishimoto the deed to property in America the Kid claims is worth $1 million. Shigekane Itagaki, an inexperienced politician who bought his way into office, has a disagreement with his superiors and is dispatched to America for an inspection tour of sanitation facilities. The three men meet on a plane to Los Angeles, and upon arriving each receives bad news: Machida loses his job; Nishimoto's property is revealed to be an abandoned gold mine near Las Vegas; and Itagaki finds he has been linked with scandal back in Japan. The three decide to use the bogus poker chips to reap a fortune in the Las Vegas casinos, only to learn that the chips are no longer in use. Criminals hear of Nishimoto's deed and try to gain possession of it because the mine actually contains a cache of gold coins.

Additional Information: Truly a B or C movie!

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