Speedway Junky

Movies or TV Shows that are Las Vegas Related in Some Way.

Genres: Drama

Length: 104 Minutes

Release Date: November 30, 1999

Directed By: Nickolas Perry

How it's Las Vegas Related:Filming around Las Vegas

Jesse Bradford as Johnny
Jordan Brower as Eric
Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Steve
Daryl Hannah as Veronica

When a naive drifter runs away from his army father in hopes of making it on the car racing circuit he meets a young scam artist in Las Vegas, who develops a crush on him. He is then introduced to a whole gang led by a young hustler. The racer-to-be then gets a lesson in the wild side, getting involved in one situation after another. Patsy Kensit makes a cameo as another hustler and Daryl Hannah appears as the scam artist's surrogate mom.

Additional Information: famous tagline - There's no place for dreams on the streets of Vegas

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