Movies or TV Shows that are Las Vegas Related in Some Way.

Genres: Comedy Drama

Length: 96 Minutes

Release Date: November 30, 1999

Directed By: Doug Liman

How it's Las Vegas Related:Scenes from Fremont Hotel and The Stardust Hotel as well as around Las Vegas

Jon Favreau as Mike
Vince Vaughn as Trent
Ron Livingston as Rob
Heather Graham as Lorraine

Mike Peters is a struggling actor who left New York, and a girlfriend behind, to find success in L.A. The move caused his girlfriend of six years to split up with him six months earlier and left him feeling alone and heartbroken. In the opening scenes of the film, Mike talks about his situation with his friend Rob, another thespian from back east. Mike feels miserable about their conclusions. Afterwards, while on the phone, Mike is coaxed into an impromptu Las Vegas trip by his new best friend, and also actor, Trent to help Mike get over his ex. The trip starts out on a high note with excitement and anticipation but soon takes a turn for the worse when Mike crashes and burns at the casino. Soon after, the guys manage to meet some ladies and just when it seems as if though Mike can make some progress and salvage the trip, it all falls apart again and this time Trent goes down with him. On the ride home, Trent gets Mike to feel better about himself and to look at the positive side of things. Mike promises to try his best to move on.

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