The Amazing Colossal Man

Movies or TV Shows that are Las Vegas Related in Some Way.

Genres: B Movie Classic Horror

Length: 80 Minutes

Release Date: October 25, 1957

Directed By: Bert I. Gordon
How it's Las Vegas Related:Set outside Las Vegas, Some scenes include Downtown, The Strip and Boulder Dam.

Glenn Langan as Lt. Col. Glenn Manning
Cathy Downs as Carol Forrest
William Hudson as Dr. Paul Linstrom
Larry Thor as Maj. Eric Coulter, MD

Lt. Col. Glenn Manning (played by Glenn Langan), is exposed to plutonium radiation from a bomb blast in the Nevada desert while trying to save a pilot from a crashed plane. He miraculously survives but the radiation causes him to start growing at a rate of 8-10 feet a day. While Army doctors try to find a cure, he escapes and causes a panic in Las Vegas where he rip off the silver Slipper from atop the Silver Slipper Casino and destroys the Sands Casino sign before the Army catched up to him at the Boulder Dam.

Additional Information: This movie was only available on VHS for a short time and was never released on DVD. Also this movie was one of the movies watched on the MST3K TV show.

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