The Cooler

Movies or TV Shows that are Las Vegas Related in Some Way.

Genres: Drama/Romance

Length: 101 Minutes

Release Date: November 30, 1999

Directed By: Wayne Kramer

How it's Las Vegas Related:Landmark Hotel (Hotel was imploded in Nov. 1995) and around Las Vegas

William H. Macy as Bernie Lootz
Alec Baldwin as Shelly Kaplow
Maria Bello as Natalie Belisario
Ron Livingston as Larry Sokolov

The unluckiest man in Vegas - a guy whose bad luck is contagious - is used by the last of the old time mob run casinos to kill high rollers' action. That is, until he falls in love with a cocktail waitress and gets "lady luck," which throws the situation into reverse. Things turn nasty when the casino director tries to break up the romance. Written by Anonymous.

Additional Information: famous tagline - You have to play to win

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