The Lady Gambles

Movies or TV Shows that are Las Vegas Related in Some Way.

Type: Movie - B&W

Genres: Drama

Length: 99 Minutes

Release Date: May 20, 1949

Directed By: Michael Gordon

How it's Las Vegas Related:Set in Las Vegas with many of the external scenes filmed in and around Las Vegas

Barbara Stanwyck
Robert Preston
John Hoyt
Tony Curtis (Bell-boy)

Stanwyck's was a curious career. The highest-paid woman in pictures, actually, in America -- for a while, she made her share of workaday, forgettable pictures. The Lady Gambles is among them, except that it stars Stanwyck. Married to Robert Preston, a reporter doing a feature on Las Vegas, she agrees to help out by getting in on the action. Soon, she's hooked, playing recklessly and compulsively even as her marriage is disintegrating. There's one brutal scene when she's beaten up by thugs in an alley -- not a scene often filmed with a top actress as victim. The film has a historical interest as one of the first to be set in that new Babylon in the desert, Las Vegas. (In the 30s, the only Nevada location was Reno; Vegas was still a chicken run.) Despite its semi-documentary approach, The Lady Gambles sustains interest; as a look at abnormal gambling, it's better than Gambling House (with Victor Mature) or The Las Vegas Story (with Mitchum and Jane Russell).

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