They Came to Rob Las Vegas

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Genres: Crime

Length: 129 Minutes

Release Date: February 05, 1969

Directed By: Antonio Isasi Isasmendi

Gary Lockwood
Elke Sommer
Jack Palance
Lee J. Cobb

When his older brother is killed in San Francisco while trying to rob an armored truck owned by Skorsky, Tony Vincenzo, a Las Vegas casino dealer, vows to honor his brother's memory by successfully executing the robbery. He seduces Anne, Skorsky's secretary and mistress, and learns from her the details of a shipment coming by van from the Las Vegas casino to a California bank. Tony and his gang waylay the truck in the Nevada desert, dispose of all but one guard, and attempt to cut through the van's steel plating with blowtorches. Unknown to Tony, Skorsky has been using his company as a cover for smuggling gold ingots into Mexico for the Mafia, and the operation has aroused the suspicion of Douglas, a federal treasury agent. Meanwhile, Tony's men begin fighting among themselves; and during the mayhem, the guard inside the van, who is actually a government agent, wounds Tony and locks him in the van before dying.

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