Okay guys, here goes. Thursday, July 23, the day has finally arrived. Got up at 4:00 a.m., leave at 4:30 a.m. after getting the dog settled and head for airport. We live in IL, but airport in St. Louis, MO so we stop for Powerball tickets for big drawing on Saturday. No luck, terminals don't open until 6:00 a.m. We arrive at new East Terminal at Lambert. Very, very nice. We board on Southwest and leave on time at 7:05 a.m. We have one stop in KC for pick-ups. Arrive at 8:05 a.m. and depart for LV at 9:00 a.m. Landed on time (11:08 a.m.) and head for Caesars. We have comped invitation so we proceed to VIP check-in. No problem, room ready. We also requested a refrigerator. Also no problem. We didn't get invite to Palace Tower (still need more play) but was put in Centurion Tower which was really nice. If I ever build my own house, I want that bathroom. Unbelievable. We rented a car for 2 days from Avis which they have a counter right at Caesars. We got the car and proceeded to Vacation Village for free air fare spin. Half way there we realize we forgot the tickets, so we decided to go to the Reserve. What a neat place. Within minutes we each had a free buffet. Was really good. What I really liked was the way they did the exterior. It looked like a jungle at sunset. Very cool. This is where I first placed Triple Play. I'm hooked! Didn't hit anything big, but had a lot of fun. We drove back to Caesars because I was exhausted. I slept for a couple of hours while Jerry hit the slots. We then went to Treasure Island. Usually I win some $ or break-even. Not this time. Jerry, however did better. The 1-100 VP was packed. No seats so I played some slots. While waiting for Jerry I sat down at a RWB .25 slot and hit 2 white 7's with a wild for 450 coins. Luck is changing. Took tram to Mirage. Nothing doing there. Came back to Caesars and ate at Cafe Roma. Delicious!!! Played a little before going to bed. Am $67 ahead now. Jerry didn't comment. Next day following.

Friday, July 24. Got up and went to pool as the book in room said it opened at 8:00 a.m. WRONG:( Opens at 9:00 a.m. Came back to room and decided to hit a couple of record stores. I collect old Barbra Streisand albums and I'm still missing a few so I thought I might look around. Well ... they didn't open until 11:00 a.m. That's a nice gig if you can get it. We proceeded to Sam's Town. I just can't seem to hit anything here. I did break-even so I guess I'll take it. Jerry did well at slots here. He seems to do well here each time. We then went to Boulder Station. BUST! Oh well. We then went back to the record stores ... not what I was looking for. They were underground stores. No Babs to say the least! Came back to Caesars and went to pool. The pool area was nice before, but it is truly beautiful now. With 3 pools it's never crowded. After a couple of hours we went to gamble. The good VP machines were taken (there are so few) so hit slots again. Hit 2 DDD with single bar for $480 and then hit Wild Cherry for $160. We went downtown, although we hadn't planned on it, because FSE was having a 50's deal with entertainment and a car show. Since we belong to a car club (we have '39 Olds) we thought we might see some cars and make some club connections. They had 2 stages with some really good bands playing oldies. As far as the "car show" they had 2 '57 Thunderbirds and that was it. Chubby Checkers was suppose to be there later, but we didn't want to wait around so we headed to Harrah's. Wasn't hitting anything big, but enough to keep me playing. Found a stand-alone TD progressive that kept paying like crazy. I had to meet Jerry for suppoer so I went and found him and told him my machine was hot. We'd eat later:) Went back to machine and 2 coines and 1 pull later hit for $360. We then at at the cafe. Always good there. We then went to Flamingo to play my 1 coin $5 machine. I got my $100 back so I was happy. We don't normally do very well here, but since we were concentrating on the center strip we decided to play awhile. I want to thank the person who told the board about the Blazing 7's because $30 later I hit for $300. I took the $ and ran. I found Jerry who was also doing well so we decided to play a little longer. Since I didn't want to give that $ back, I decided to play .25 W of F. There was a bank of about 10 machines against the wall and no one was playing. I got the spin a couple of times and on the 3rd spin hit for 1000 coins. The very next time I hit the spin it was for 400 coins. By this time people were coming over and playing them and they were screaming when they would hit 20 coins or so, so I decided to take my $ and leave. Thank you Flamingo:)!! We both did well. Came back to Caesars and went to bed. Continue later.

Saturday, July 25. Got up and went to pool. It is really nice to be able to relax before a lot of people invade. There were very few people. Around 12:30 p.m. went to buffet. Wasn't much for the price. Half was still breakfast and the other half lunch, but some of the food we considered to be more dinner food i.e. sole, veal, etc. Don't recommend as there are better buffets for less elsewhere. We then went back to TI. Lost $36. Returned to Caesars to get cleaned up as we were going to Orleans to meet Jean Scott, her husband Brad and others from Skip Hughes' newsgroup. Walked over to Barbary Coast and caught the shuttle. That is a very nice touch for these three casinos. Didn't do well on VP. I am just starting to learn and play 9/6 JB so I promptly sat down and lost. Between the slots and VP lost $120. Thank goodness I won at Flamingo and Harrah's the night before:) Jerry did better than I. Met Jean and everyone and had my book "Frugal Gambler" signed. I wish we could have talked with Jean longer, but there were quite a few people. We did meet Free Vegas and his wife and had a great conversation re: comps and DW VP. We learned quite a bit. We then caught shuttle to Gold Coast so we could walk over to Rio to cash in points from March. Was VERY crowded. Caught cab to MGM as we wanted to eat at Emeril's, but we both forgot to call and make reservations and they had nothing until 9:30 p.m. Didn't want to wait that long so we ate at Wolf Gang Pucks. Was okay. Different food than what I'm used to, but it was at least edible. Couldn't get to the Majestic Lion machines, but they were really hitting. Caught monorail back to Bally's where Jerry proceeded to hit 2 DD with a 7 for 640 coins and this was right at the bottom of the escalator next to the shops. Who knew?? Walked down to Harrah's. Machine had given up. No hits. Back to Caesars where I proceeded to lose more $. Came back to room to pack as we had to leave at 4:00 a.m. to go home:(

This was one of our shortest trips, but Jerry started a new job and we leave for the NSRA Nationals next week, but had to get one more visit to LV before end of year. We usually go in December, but not sure if we will make it.

We had a great time. Weather was fantastic and we did bring home some $. All meals were comped but 2 and got back approx. $150 in cash back from points, plus we built up more points for hopefully more invites. On our next trip we will either center on downtown or the south strip. We are starting to narrow down casinos in order to get more points built up and hopefully the casinos will notice and invite us back. Love those comps:) Hope you enjoyed.