I have been a frequent visitor to Las Vegas since 1973. Caesers used to be the top spot, and to some it still is. My new favorite place is the mirage. We are going in august of this year and staying for a week at three different resorts; the venetian, the Mirage, and the Bellagio. I did stay at treasure island the last time, and I was not that pleased with it. Too many kids. I always take my sons and have done so since they were very young. My kids are great and we have a outstanding time with them. I have traveled with them all over the world, from Paris to Hawaii, and they like vegas the best; even over Disney.

Treasure Island is a family oriented hotel for the budget minded. That's ok I guess but I was used to a little more; especially after the mirage. That place seems to speak of old time vegas; glitzy and excessive but somehow really classy. I love vegas. Steve Wynn has figured it out, and he is on the mark with everthing he does. Some people have a knack for being good at what they do.

I won't stay at the T.I. Again, that is not necessarily a knock on the place, because it delivers what it is supossed to deliver. I want more out of my hotel and resort, that is more of an indictment about me and my expectations than the T.I. Mystere is great. The pool is certainly not like the mirage's, even though it is more accessilble. My wife judges a place on its pool, and she didn't even go to the one at the T.I. The Venetian and Bellagio are supposed to have magnificent pools. She is looking forward to both.

Vegas has changed a lot since 1973. Perks are harder to come by. I have been comped for my whole trip on a couple of ocassions, but not since the corporates took over the city. Maybe that is just progress. I will say that freebies are more democratically given out. It used to be based on who one knows as well as how much one gambles.