Just as I do every time I arrive in Vegas, I cried at the joy of being in the world's funnest place. I love the feeling of walking off the airplane at McCarran. It's like when I was a kid, waking up to a front yard full of snow. There isn't going to be any school, and there is going to be a lot of fun.

More or less, the same group of friends tries to get together in Las Vegas every year, usually in the summer. We stayed, as we did the previous time, at Bally's. Also as usual, everything at Bally's was tremendous. The rooms were great--although we didn't spend much time in them. Bally's has the most underrated pool on the Strip, as well.

Much time was spent in our Vegas home away from home, the Mirage. It is one of, if not the, most comfortable and enjoyable place to play tables in town. However, the only winning I did was a quick late-night run at craps. Otherwise, I was unable sit down after getting a harsh spanking at the blackjack tables.

We managed to find a new treasure in Vegas, the Hard Rock. We went over there, thinking that we would enjoy a delicious, cheap dinner at the 24/7 restaurant. Well, while we were sitting there, we were blown away by the many outstanding sights (among them, MTV's Jenny McCarthy). We decided to play a few hands and generally, everyone got spanked some more.

So we decided on this night to head to the Rio, based on the great testimonials of others. It was well worth the cab ride over there. Great waitresses, great atmosphere. We stayed until well into the morning and decided that the Rio ranks among the best.

Trouble spot: Treasure Island. After eating dinner at Dive on the last night, we went into TI for some Spanish 21. Not only was our luck horrible there, there wasn't a waitress in sight. We asked the pit boss to send a waitress our way, and he told us, "She'll be back around soon." That never happened; my brother tracked some drinks down from the bar. He'll never bring the Cleveland Steamer back to the TI.

That night, however, four of us stayed up all night. One friend went on a run at Bally's with money plays on the blackjack table like I've never seen, and I'll probably never see again. My brother and I stayed up all night, drinking mimosas and throwing craps. I decided that rather than wait for my 3 p.m. flight, I would go to the airport at 7 a.m. and try to get on an earlier flight. Enough damage had been done.

I boarded my plane crying. I had to leave and wouldn't be back again for a year. The snow day was over.