As I'm not a very proficient writer, I'm going to just sum up in a nutshell my trip report with some random thoughts on Vegas.
Stayed at the Maxim. Clean, comfortable and CHEAP! After a 7 day stay, our bill was only $280.Booked through the internet.
Rented a car for a couple days, saw Grand Canyon(long drive!),did the Lake Mead cruise and Hoover dam thing on consecutive days. Well worth it if you have the time. Gambled a little at every casino on south strip. Had the most luck at Bally's for slots(one machine in particular, I'll bet we won $600 on that one. That was a morning ritual for my wife and I, wake up walk across the street, roll of quarters, straight to that machine, win our 'pocket money' for the day. What fun!). Had the most luck playing blackjack at the Maxim, wound up that was my favorite place to play, was a little more 'personal' than the mega casinos.
Asfar as eating, no place stood out in particular, all was decent and reasonably priced. The best buffet we ate was either the luxor or TI, can't remember which, but both were good. The pirate show at TI was really cool, the best out of all the free shows. The 'race to Atlantis' at Ceasers was the best ride I've been on for a while(did it twice). The rest of our time was spent hanging out by the pool, or lounging in the room. All in all a great first time in vegas.